Feelin Frisky?

I am perhaps a little prude when it comes to certain subjects but when it comes to

gettin it on'
becomes a grey line.

I should perhaps preface this post by saying no, I am not looking for ideas on where Mr. Insatiable and I can get down on it --- well...maybe, but before posting this idea, I took my quest for wonderment to my friends and facebook. 

HOLY schnikeys I have some friggen awesome friends and I think now I know why they walk with that extra pep in their step.  Quite simply I asked the question: 
Where was the weirdest place
you have done it? 

The response I got was overwhelming and shocking!  I am actually surprised as some - didn't question it for other's and some people weren't too original - but perhaps that was simply because they have no imagination - creativity - or they just don't want to get caught.  At least here, anonymous comments exist...maybe things will change.

Anyhow, so on my quest for more information I stumbled upon this amazing site The Frisky.  The link you will reach will leave you questioning and perhaps thinking about how you would manage to do this...or in awe of those people who have already done the deed here.

I think that for myself the best place happened to be in the stretch limo we were in right after our wedding ceremony.  I am laughing now just thinking about it... "I do" do you? "I do" now let's do it.  We went for a drive in the limo after the ceremony..you know just to breath.  All that time spent organizing, planning and everything you literally need a moment or so to decompress...well...that's not all but I am sure you get the drift. 

Me personally, I can't say that I am all about the PDA or the thrill of getting caught.  Sometimes I am just that girl who doesn't care where, when or why, but GOD DAMN it when I want something...I WANT IT.  Mr. Insatiable is pretty much the same...the kitchen table, stairs...that's nothing...but when I asked my friends, and found out that in a church while Sunday school was going on...(no, it wasn't with one of the kids in attendance - I asked) or the fact that one of my friends went to the park and had her way with it I just wash gob-shocked.

I am still in research mode though...and ya know what? I want to know??? Where is the most ridiculous place you have knocked da boots?

The Frisky's list was quite adventurous I'll have to admit - I have listed it below...

1.The zoo NOPE

2.Behind a waterfall YUP - Honeymoon
3.Work utility closet Nope
4.Ladies Lounge At Radio City Music Hall Nope but maybe in October...
5.In the woods Nope
6.Police mobile unit Nope
7.Kitchen (counter, floor, restaurant, against the refrigerator) YUP, YUP, NO, YUP
8.On your desk at work NO
9.Public transportation (bus, subway, taxi, water taxi, ferry, trolley) NO - and I don't think I could
10.On the floor Yes
11.On a grand piano (à la “Pretty Woman”) NO - but that would be amazing
12.On a roof  Yes...the roof...Mr. Insatiable do you remember that!!
13.Playground (note: not when kids are around, please!) No, and now that I have kids, I wouldn't ever
14.On a boat/dingy/catamaran No
15.Golf course at night  Nope but I am not much of a golfer
16.In a room with mirrors  Yes, but not with one of those circus places..
17.In an airplane restroom No, I remember when we were on our honeymoon, there must have been an instant where we both looked at each other, giggled then didn't
18.On the beach Yes
19.On a bear skin rug (bonus: in front of a roaring fire) In front of a fire - Yes, no bear skin rug ---
20.In a tent Yup
21.In your childhood bedroom Yes
22.In a body of water (river, lake, creek, ocean, puddle) Yes
23.On the hood of a car No...I don't think so
24.In a department store dressing room No I tend to not like those mirrors
25.In an elevator No
26.On a staircase 'giggles' Yes
27.On top of the washing machine while it’s running Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
28.Bar bathroom HELL NO..they are dirty
29.In your parents’ bed  No comment. 
30.In a field at sunset (bonus: a corn field or on a barrel of hay)

So now that I have exposed all...what have you got to say?!


Kristy said...

I have done #5, 7, 10, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, and 29.

Alex said...

Back in the day the Mr and I were quite frisky (geez, I sound like I'm 80!) and anytime we got the chance to get away from the kids, we'd get drunk and do the deed in random places. Beach, staircase (!) and the car...