What Kind of HOT am I?

PMS is taking over my life.

I have been staring in the mirror for the past 22 minutes analysing every bit of myself...I have just done my nails and hair and I have makeup on, so I feel pretty good.  I am trying hard to find more reasons to love myself and I have been searching for the moment where I say "I love myself because I am hot

This has yet to occur, 24 minutes have passed.

I started to wonder who the HOT police are?  Why haven't they banged on my door yet and WHO THE FUCK told them they were sooo hot?  Oh, you did?

I have been on this roller coaster ride called life, and for the past year I have been trying to improve myself, find my inner diva and make some changes along the way.  I have lost weight, gained weight, gone from blond to brunette to blond.  I have been up, down, side to side on the emotional scale and still manage to maintain some grasp of this reality.

Well...I want to know...How are people classified as hot?  What kind of hot are we?

I think it would have to start with your own style for one.  I wish I was one of the trendy urban/BoHo chic chicks; but I am not.  My favourite accessory is my pair of Silver Jeans.  I am that girl who rarely has the designer labels or the trend-setter.  I do on occasion knock some threadz outta the park though...

Anyhow, in search of my inner HOTASS, I am also trying to find new styles, try different layers/textures.  I am continuing on my weight loss journey and have started to see a difference again.  Mr. Insatiable has noticed a difference also...

I wonder, what kind of hot does he see?  Does he see my 19 year old self where my breasts held their own ground?  Does he see me when I didn't have the mummytummy or the additional inches across my waist?  Does he remember those days where I would come home in my skirt suit and fishnets....or does he see me know?  And does he like it?

The good thing is...he does.  Its taken me a long time to appreciate each and every wrinkle; laugh line; stretch-mark...but you know...I'm that kind of HOT!  Laugh lines and all...28 minutes in, and I have found it.  All you have to do is accept who you are, and instantly you          allow yourself to see your true beauty (the one that's inside radiating out).

What kind of HOT are you?


Alex said...

It's funny but I think husbands always see you as the girl they they fell in love with - even if that was 12 years ago!

Girls are far more critical of themselves. One chip in your nail polish can ruin your day. Lame, hey?

I'm on a mission to reclaim my hotness, not for my husbands benefit but for my own. Two weeks into and I can wear shorts again, woot woot!

*And yes, my butt is still broken from doing squats*

Smart Ass Sara said...

I have no idea what I am. I know I'm in beteewn super fat ass and marginal fat ass. Which is progress. :)

But I love, love, love, your glasses. Whatever you change- keep those!

Tutus and Tantrumns said...

Well right now I'm the big 'ol preggo HOT! hee hee...good for you for figuring out it's about feeling good about yourself! Of course who doesn't like to be the head turner at a party every now and then, but ultimately it all boils down to what we see in ourselves.

Miel Abeille said...

I just found you through the LBS tea party -- this post is priceless! I'm sure I'll be visiting you again. :)