Tastes Just like Chicken

Remember when I started this adventure of blogging???

I know many of you don't because none of you had any sense back then.  I thought that I wanted this adventure to be about food and my cooking with the kids...(sadly it's not as fun as my life -- but I do cook daily with the same amount of passion as I blog...just minus the swears).  Anyhow, so I talked about food and made great meals for my family...and blogged about it.

Well, the kids are getting older now...you know, they are helping more and Sophia can make her own sandwiches now...(seriously this is hard for me to grasp).  Anyhow, so tonight we are all sitting down for our dinner and we were talking with the kids about their favorite foods...you see..with me any my ass getting in gear I have devised a plan to plan my meals for the week and I totally want the kids buy in...thus making them me bound to the food I make.

The girls say the things that they love the most...mommy's salmon or tilapia; chicken; vegetable lasagna etc.  But when it came to the dood he said "chicken".

"What kind of chicken" I ask him wanting to know if this kid even likes the food I cook..."Rib chicken, fish chicken, steaky shicken"  I am totally clueless as to what this means...but had the fondest memory of Bubba in Forrest Gump talkin bout his shrimp.

It got me thinking about how we as parents introduce food into our children's lives...do we tell them everything that's in the meal or do we just say "it's chicken" so they eat it...

I know me personally, I tell the kids because we are in the kitchen a lot together and they are always with me grocery shopping.  It's hard to lie to the kids and I think that the less pre-conceived opinions about food we give our kids, the less pickier they become.  I always encourage the kids to try something just once before they say anything about the food.  Then take a second bit to make sure you know...(kinda like how I buy wine...1 bottle to try it, the 2nd bottle is to confirm and the 3rd to have again or finish that night

I asked the dood what he thought about chicken the food.  he said "its good momma.  i like it all the time because, um, its tastes healthy ...and you make cous cous"  if you don't speak 3-year old that is "mom your food rocks and it's delicious! I love your cous cous the best"

Mr. Insatiable and I further discuss the "chicken" taste.  With him being a chef, he also has to deal with people's pre-conceived opinions about food and how it should/shouldn't be cooked/taste etc.  Salmon to me should be medium/medium rare- while the majority of you may scoff at anything under VERY WELL DONE.  I feel that a fish with the head on is something to excite; while I know others are disgusted with the dead fish head on their plate.  Medium Rare cow -- Yes please!!  Carpaccio..totally!!!

I really am not picky when it comes to how someone wants to prepare my food...I'll try it.  The best thing that I have ever eaten, that I was totally unsure of was when Mr. Insatiable and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary.  We went to this restaurant called Via Allegro where Mr. I's mentor and former Chef had worked.  He told us to order the Jewels of Lamb so we took him up on the idea.

The next thing we knew, a beautiful plate was brought forth with 3 little "meat-balls" prepared with lentils and a chocolate-amarone sauce of some sorts.  I can't quite remember the other things that came with this, but I remember the look on Mr's face and it was sheer ecstasy.  Obviously, I say.."how is it??!!"  the satisfaction was instantaneous.  My next question immediately followed "can I have some?"

I took a bit of this "slider", the chocolate/amarone sexy food was in my mouth and it was amazing.  The server came over and asked us if we were enjoying the starters...and totally we were!

"tastes just like chicken!"  we chime happily, intoxicated by the food.

"Great, you know they're lamb balls right?"


Alex said...


Aparently there's a cook on TV that goes all around the world trying differently prepared animal balls.

At least he has a purpose in life, I guess.

Sarah said...

Gross my dear! And people wonder why I want to watch them cook and see every ingredient before I put that shit in my mouth!