Feeling concussed

olleh ym sdneirf I can't tell you how the past few days have been but I had fallen down the stairs the other day while holdin my son! WTF right? I have no clue what the deal is, but I was 100% sober and it wasn't good. I totally cracked my heed on the stair and I think there may be something happening. I mean, like I have been to work and everything but my head is kiling me...perhaps there is nothing, but perhaps the bump has given me some sort of supernatural sense...a spidey sense..maybe its given me the ability to see into the future... ok, i am reaching with that one but you never know. what else..so the kiddies and i did our annual gingerbread build and we really had a blast. it's funny because the first year we contemplated glue gunning the houses together and this year we had 5 houeses put together in 3.5 minutes and they are still standing!!! I was so proud. Today my American friends are celebrating Thanksgiving and I thought that I would write about what I am thankful for, it's sort of appropriate right? I am thankful for my family...for without my family it would be like a day without light. their laughter seeps through my skin and fills my life with love and happieness. I am thankful for the LCBO for many reasons, but the most prominant one is that they were open tonight and they had what I was craving...a bottle of velvety Amarone; so sweet, tanic, and full of sultry attitude. The bouquet has me intoxicated already, and only 1 glass has been poured. The legs have me second guessing myself and yet I am a very happily married woman. The palate has me salivating as if I have never had even a sip of its sweet nectar. I am sooo thankful for the LCBO...(cheers) I am thankful for my husband because without him, my light would be a cloudy day and there wouldn't be any love in my life. I wouldn't be the woman that I am today and I likely wouldn't have ever met any of you. I am thankful for my job becuase without that, I wouldn't be able to feel my family or take care of their needs. I woudn't be able to have such an affair with New York or food or anything. I am eternally greatful that my husband and I have love for oneanother that is true and pure. That we both have our health enough to work hard for our family. I am totally thankful for the fact that I have some how lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks...I don't know how this happened, but damned if I care...I think my ass is thankful too because most of which has come from there...lending way to my husband's thankfulness that his favourite parts haven't shrunk from this loss. Seriously, I am totally thankful for you (whoever is out there) reading my words. I hope it's not too pathetic for my first submission after the falldown the stairs...but hey, we have to start somehwere. I will say that the panty pyramid is nearing the mark for first delivery. I have recieved 50 correct addresses so far, which is amazing; however, i really would like to ask all of you for some help. I ask if all of you could post the video and button on your sites and dedicate one simple submission to this. I feel really strongly about doing something for myself and knowing that makes me think about how much of an impact this could be for someone else who may be feeling the exact same things! whatdo you think? do you dare to buy some underwares??? Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! Copy this code to your website to display this banner!