Lions and Pirates and Chickens OH MY!!'s over...the hype; the hurrah; the hulla balloo...I have to say that I really love Halloween a crap tonne! Its likely one of the best days in my personal life next to my love of Family Fun Day! So this year I had some help with costumes as I have been soooooooooo busy...but I wanted to tell you and show you all just how friggen cute my kids are...(ok, I know it's a little Kathy-Lee Guifford but whateves....they are cute!)

The Lion The Pirate The Chicken
I have to say that The Lion was stinkin adorable! She ran from house to house with excitement and then snuggled at the end of each haul with excitement! The Pirate was seriously contemplating kicking people that cut her off at the stairs/doors/people...she was getting so annoyed with the bigger kids who kept pushing through. There was one kid who butted in front of her on stairs and she looked like she was gonna grab her nerf sword and make the kid walk the plank...then there was Chicken Little...seriously...the pic is cute but when you here just how cute I know you'll want your own. So we were going from door to door and the Dude decides to start saying Chicken Feet!!! instead of Trick or Treat!! I know right?! He said thank you and please and just loved the fact that everyone wanted to give him candy. Funny little chicken.
I really love going down this one street in our town. Seneca is the greatest. Its almost like the whole street plans starting on November 1 what they will do next house has scaffolding and this great screen that looks like a castle and the guys who live there stand at the top and drop candy into the kids bags. There is one house that always does a theme, this year was "Little Red Riding Hood". They used huge foam and cut rectangles then wrapped them like candies in clear garbage bags...and strung them up to look like garland of candies. They had lolly pop lights and top it off they had a movie projector playing the Harry Potter movies, and bails of hay to sit on.
What's a movie without popcorn??? One of the houses (movie set designers live here) build the coolest front lawn ever. They have amazing makeup on these statues and stuff, coffins, skeletons and more...they have great crazy music playing loud and make old school popcorn for everyone and serves it in paper bags. There is usually a line up about 10-15 mins long too! Every year you sign your name; make donations to help out year after year and everyone has a blast!
There is this one house that 3 ladies live in the and they take their garage and clear it out. The decor is Hannibal Lector meets Saw...they have appendages hanging, blood and gore everywhere, eyeballs in jars, brains in bowls and more..really they do a great job!!
Aside from the regular houses with Ma and Pa kettle sitting in their rockers eatin betty crocker...handing out candy! There are parents strolling around with wine in their hands, groups of friends hangin out and everyone has a smile on their face. There are a few kids who are crying but YOU CAN'T PLEASE EVERYONE...
I have to say that next year couldn't get any better - but you know that it will be! I just can't wait. I am also vowing to start my costumes early this year!! It's either the Scoobie Doo clan or The Wizard of Oz again... I also love the PopEye and Olive Oil....but there isn't enough for 5 of us!!
What are some of the best ideas/costumes you have seen???


Julie said...

Love it, you're right, they are pretty damn cute. I have to get all techie and figure out how to post photos on my blog.

Loved the kid who was a dead Boy Scout, as weird as that sounds, and the little redhead girls that were 1 and 3 and were cheetahs with black tutus were so sweet I could have sopped them up with a biscuit. And there was a little girl who was a Victorian ghost in a gray gown with a bustle and huge hat and gray face, she rocked. And a kid who was the guy from Mythbusters. Oh hell, they were all awesome except for the Mark David Chapman kid. He sucked.