Its Raining Gitch and they are all my size!!!

Ok friends, welcome to the pathectic admittance that I have a lack in the lady drawer. I have only 6 pairs (not including the 5 or so "when-the-bitch-comes")of undies. Currently my 6 pairs are divided into maternal vs. not and for those who don't know or remember, my last kid was 2.5 years ago! There are serious issues here; however, a great discussion between my friend Bridgiet Jones and I transpired over a box of pinot grigio and a pack of belmont milds. We discovered just how pathetic this is/sounds/is....I am not proud to admit this, but I know that when it comes to actually putting myself first (buying clothes, bras, shoes anything......) I totally suck. I know that it's not like I am the only one who neglects themselves, nor am I the first woman to ever have children, but for me it seems as if I have put so much of myself on hold and it's time to claim it back! I am sick of wearing clothes that say Maternity!! That are too big, too frumpy and too NOT WHO I AM! I am no longer going to wear the ones that have holes in them or the band detaching from the cloth. I want to wear frilly; lacey; skanky; comfy gitch! I want to have 10 drawers full of fun panties and bras that match. I can`t believe that I wore the pair that I had to tie into a knot to keep from falling off - and still haven`t bought a new pair in like 2 years...even though my ass is getting smaller! This is what happens kids...last on the totem pole and you loose yourself...well FUCK THEM APPLES!!! What I am going to do is draw 10 names every two weeks and send out some panties!!! What you do is submit to me your names, addresses and size. Upon sending this information, I will start the pyramid off by sending out 10 pairs (brand new) to these women. Upon reciept of your new undies, you will also recieve 10 addresses. You will then purchase the sizes and send them out to the addresses on the list. Again, the chain sure to keep yourself in the addresses that are being sent to the recipients so your pyramid can grow. After you have sent out your first 10 (and they are shipped) if you want to continue, let me know and you will go onto level 2..this is where you then purchase 2 pairs per 10 people and send them out.

The goal here is to start to appreciate ourselves just a little more. To start to put that little bit aside for ourselves and to feel sexy! Its just as I had said in one of my first few blogs...when you put a new pair of undies on, your inner soundtrack kicks in and you are walking to your own beat! I will start a new page for this to keep track of our pyramids and we can then see the progression and also roll in our mounds of new gitch! Really though, I am seriously excited about this adventure and welcome any/all feedback, comments and excitement and more...I was serious though, if you send me pics, keep your gitch on!!! I really hope that you all can be a part of this and cant wait to start this off...TELL YOUR FRIENDS and get them involved in it. Tell your co-workers and get them on the band-wagon..its gonna be a great adventure with some SUPRISES along the way!!! xoxox insatiablehost


Anonymous said...

i want to join!! pppppppPANTY PYRAMIIIIIIID!

-your seis