Still Waters Run Deep; I am your Yoda! PANTY TREE!!!!!!

The road to "the fun never stops" eventually ends up at lonely town. This is a sad statement because many of us feel its true if in fact we are so happy with our current life why is that wrong? Why question it ever? Bridget Jones says to me today these very words and I told her to "shut the fuck up for real!" "Easier said than one my friend" she says and then follows it up with "I drink a lot of pinot grigio and you can quote me on that!" What is it about our own happiness that scares the fuck out of us? Why do we think; single married whatever; that if we are happy that there must be something wrong? Why do single girls want the other nonsense? Why do married people stop loving life the way they used to? Where are these answers? Ill tell you where they are... In a box of fuckin wine; on the couch and on a stoop smoking belmont milds. Brilliance at the bottom of a box of wine ! Lick the wood and love life. Smell books and savour you happiness cuz that is all we can know is true happiness!!! I also have fantastic news and really can't wait ti share it with you all! Bridgit Jones and I were discussing my sheer lack of multi pairs of gitch and how utterly pathetic I am with only 6 pairs (3 of which are friggen maternity). YA I SAID IT BITCHES!!! Anyhow we talk more and guess what, because there must be nore womwn like me out there or women who just love shopping for ass floss me abd Bridget Jones are starting the Panty Tree. This isn't some sort of deranged idea but just like many money pyramids its a way to give back and laugh with your friend while dancing in your house in your undies!!! How is it sounding so far? Ok so we are still putting together the pieces but if you want/need/love gitchies sign up by sending me an email with your size and address to ship. Ill post more details as we go but I promise its safe and only brand new ones will come from this (ew I shudder to think). Anyhoo so this is it folks! This is also my first mobile blog I feel soooo urban :)