So have you ever been caught staring at someone with a stink eye kickn? Well I have and then the fugly girl that just stared frothing at the mouth while smaking her gum and cursing me thinks that I was eye fucking her...cuz I CAN HEAR YOU!!!! I mean really Barbie.. You are not that cute; I don't like box; and now I'm gonna shank you with my stir stick. I mean really folks que pasa? I am a people watcher by nature. I have workd in the service for years and I pick up on tone, body language and social ques. I know that its a bad habit; but i really feel more comfortable in my surroundings when I know who I am near. And let me tell you I am a very great judge of character. My favorite time to watch people is at restaurants. I love the dynamic between man and wife. To see the distance between them - to feel the tensions of a couple who are just trying to make it work. Or the complete oposite you see john and joan out celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. You can see how much they love oneanother; care for eachother. How with just one look they make you bite your bottom lip and try to capture composure. I love watching people read and breathe in the words. It amazing how the written words of our peers can captivate us; anger us or excite us. I love sseing how people react to love or hate; crime or fiction. I also love watching how anger sets in when the element of suprise takes ahold of you Its funny how those little idiosynchracies make us who we are. It astounds me that after watching all of this that I haven't hauld off and bitch slapped the coont that is still givin me the stink eye. What are the strangest things you have seen? ALSO please let me know your info for the panty pyramid!!!! Send me a comment with your address and size and preference; and when I accept it ill take the personal deets out and publish the rest!!! I am soooo excited with the response so far so please please please keep em coming! Phase one addresses will be accepted until November 30 after that I will get it all together and send out the first shipment and update you each day!!! Peace out home fries!!!!