Panty Pyramid has a home...and you're all invited!

Happy Saturday everyone! It has been one hell of a ride so far let me tell you! I baked today with 4 kids and it was soooo much fun. I have some great pics too below for you to see the fruits of our labour.

Before I go into the fun I had today, I am really proud that I have found time today to get the panty pyramid's page up and running. I hope that whoever reads my site joins and becomes a part of this transformation into a better me! I hope that those readers that share the same feelings about this situation find a bit of hope and join the cause! Its gonna be great and I know there are more of us out there.
Also, BIG BIG BIG GRANNY GITCH-STYLE props to my girl Ex Hot Girl ...I love you for posting about your great white saggy granny's and the Panty Pyramid. I can't wait until everyone gets started with this but thanks to you, I have some new friends and am eternally grateful for your support. I want to send you a pair just because (and I will)! Create your own banner at! Copy this code to your website to display this banner!
If you run your own blog, link the PantyPyramidPage (PPP) to your site and say "Down to granny panties; rock on with a thong!!!
Also, I have recieved some pretty fantastic emails about this. There was actually one in particular of a person wanting to gift this crazy idea of new sexy gitch for his wife, without her knowing. Well...this is certainly something we can do, but I need you to provide me your contatc info. For anyone who is participating/signing up, I need your info!! I have listed these details below, but if you are thinking of spicing up someone else's life, then ABSO-friggen-LUTELY!
As I had mentioned, I was baking with the kids today...sugar cookies were on our minds. I have never made my own dough for this before and apparently I suck at it. The batch that I did ended up being so crumbly I couldn't cut out the shapes let alone roll it. In any event, we made Yellow Raspberry icing, Blue Strawberry icing, White Cinnamon icing and Pink Cherry icing to decorate these gems with. I love using chocolate oils for icing because you can really play with your subjects perception...also, they don't change the consistency or colour of your medium.


Miss Marilee said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I love the Team Edward cookie!! Perhaps you should sell them at the next midnight premier.