Friday Night Rum n Coke`s

Well fuck it`s Friday!!!! At last....I can`t tell you all how friggen extatic I am that it`s the weekend. I usually dont really care either way, but I have plans tomorrow night to see a gal pal I haven`t seen in over a year and I can`t wait!!! I am preemptively enjoying rum n cokes to mark the occasion and also to control my excitement...or make me sleepy...or make me pass out....or just because I love Rum. (oh! and cokes)...
I have been feelin much better as of late also..perhaps my therapist is doing wonders! She may be 5 and call me Brittnay Spears while she calls herself Oprah but, the chick knows her stuff...
OH!! Shit....Did you guys catch that Oprah when she had the poor lady who was mauled by the Chimp on.
What the eff possesses an interviewer, as renowed and esteemed as Ms. Thang herself push a person who has been traumatized and mamed by an animal to the point where her hands and eyeballs are missing along with half (or more) of her face.
How does someone get the balls to sit there after being told that `the doctors dont want me to remember so I dont traumatize myself....`` to then ask...ok, so bring me back to this day when you were regergitated by a chimp...can you tell me anything....
what a bitch move O.W. ....that is classy with the trash on the side.
I really can`t believe what she did!! I dont know...this poor lady who has gone through enough already was now peer pressured into the barrage of questioning that Oprah threw her...I just dont get it.
On to a new topic that I love...GERARD BUTLER!!!! sorry, couldn`t help it. I am watching the Ugly Truth as we speak andhe just makes me...welll....I think the phrase is shumina phrm humina whooo haa OW!
Anyhow, I haven`t been cooking a lot as of late..its sad I know, but I dont know what happened. The time change makes me think that I would like to blame it on that, but when it feels like 11 pm at 6:30 and I just get home from running across the city to get my rodents; I am just spent. Tonight, I am eating pizza; lastnight it was grilled cheese and the night before, it was soup....not even home made soup!!
Ok, GERARD BUTLER STEAMY make outsesh!! Um...losing intrest...quicky....
....slap in the face!!
What else...OH NEW MOON on Thursday! I have my tickets already and as the pathetic fan I am, Burger King is selling a New Moon meal and you can also purchase your Team Edward or Jacob water bottle a head of time. I got mine, andone for the girls and me!!!
SHIT....he is friggen cute! I love seeing guys try to sum themselves up as a man and admit that they love someone and then roll their eyes and talk with an accent and have a 5 o`clock shaddow...sorry friends, I am pathetic and am letting thi move ruin my creative moment...but I am calling it a night...and am going to snuggle in bed with Mr Butler.
Sweet dreams my friends!


Jennifer Brindley said...

1. I love rum, like, a lot. Like, almost as much as I love wine.
2. I've never seen Twilight, so I'm not going to see New Moon. This makes me feel old.
3. Sorry I haven't been around and commenting on your blog for awhile. Busy, busy bees knees.

~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)