I love baileys n coffee!

That just needs to be said as for no matter what kind of a day I have had there aren't many things in life that just make it all better.

Case in point - baileys n coffee does just that. Other things that melt the ickies away are hugs! Really a great hug is hard to come bye but whenever dan hugs me it feels like a polar bear grasping me;making me warm and loved. The dood also has the power of hug and really I can't get enough! I hate admitting it but getting emails/real mail or anything mail does this too. Literally the first comment I got here or on my facebook I was on cloud 9.

There have been many days when I wondered "why me" or "FML!!" but then I think about how I have a family and great friends..I have a really wonderful hubby, great kids....you know...and then get totally giddy. I love love love them more than I love getting into a freshly made bed; more than I love the entire day after my hair gets done and more than that feeling of when you finally lay down into a hot bubble bath!

These little things we all could/should all do daily gives me that extra pep in ma step.

I know it's a nothing post, but what give you your pep???

ALSO FOR THOSE INTERESTED...Panty Pyramid....I am sending out the first 10 pairs on Tuesday!!!! Wha Wha!!! Can't wait for this thing to begin! Hope you tell your friends and whoever, it'll be amazing!


Julie said...

You had me at Baileys and coffee, and then I get the bonus love. Sigh. Love the panty pyramid concept, know I won't get anyone I know to go along with it, but I hope you end up with piles of lovely skivvies at the top of Mt. Thong.