what the feck is goonie goo goo?

ladies and gentlemen it's about time that we all sit back and enjoy the show that is about to begin. So, I am nearing my 30th year and have really tried hard this year to better myself and take more interest in me...blah blah blah...anyhow, on a rare occasion i totally let loose and just do whatever...(seriously, even though I do drink often, I dont usually get tanked or fall down or pee myself or puke on the taxi driver or nearest officer....really!!!) but sometimes i actually take the Responsible Mom hat off and put on the "what the feck is goonie goo goo" hat on. last Friday was one of those nights - let me tell you!!! So kids are gone to in-laws (aka Heaven) and i am at home by myself until hubby comes home from the restaurant...I have really been out of it from the wack on the noggin mid week and really haven't been too "with it". I asked him to perhaps bring home something that may take my headache away....now..this brings us into a level of our relationship that I am not sure we should enter; however, I will plead the 5th if ever questioned...this glorified oregano was something like i have never had before...I really couldn't stop laughing, eating, giggling or drinking my rum n coke...(i actually had to go to the store to fill up again - and that onlyhappens once every 2 weeks usually...not 2 times in 3 nights! Yikes...at least I am not solely to blame...hubby often assists in the pirate punch! anyhow, so I am sitting here, feeling little pain on Friday and have had several cocktails and then he comes home and just stops in the door way...and looks at me and shakes his head and laughs...ok, so the image i'll give you is...our house is quite small but if you are standing in the door, to the immediate left is our staircase and infront of the door is the living room that has a sliding door on the back wall. Our couch is in the middle going horizontally with the back wall and the TV is on the wall where the stairs are facing the back wall... anyhow, so i am on the couch in the corner (my fav. spot for reading, writing, sitting and cuddling) and must have started to drop off because, i was curled up, in my spanky blanky with my hoodie on and the drink in one hand and Princess Pineapplebottomjeans sitting on my knees playing with my icecubes in the drink...(bitch - she had her own drink...) so he wakes me from my coma and we decide to watch some great comedies....we start out of Eddie Murphy's Delerious and then move into Russell Peters Red, White and Brown...I love watching stand up as it is...but really nothing beats Eddie Murphy in a red leather suit on stage throwin down...I started to laugh from the beginning and didn't stop until I went upstairs to pee and came back down and started again...I am sure you can see why... We then watched Russell Peters....and for any of you who do not know who this guy is..he's likely one of the funniest Canadians next to Dan Akroyd. His comedy is really controvercial as he does love to bust all who are in his venue; however my favorite part is when he starts talking about Portuguese people... it made me pee!! We have actually seen a few great comedians in our relationship from Chris Rock to Lisa Lampanelli and I can't tell you just how much I love to laugh....really. If its at someone eles' expense I tend to be remorseful afterwards but when something makes you laugh...you just can't control it. Another one of my favorite parts of RP is when he is doing the Dance Dance Revolution...WATCH IT!!! You'll see! If you used to watch the Andrew Dice Clay stuff, (yes, I am dating myself) but if you liked that, then I would deffinately watch the Joe Rogan (ya the guy from UFC and Fear Factor). His standup was insane!!! Another great standup to watch is the legend Robin Williams... Back to the story..so hubby and I are both comfy on the couch, drinks in hand and I was onto my second wind...we just sat there for a couple hours laughing with eachother...honestly, its times like that that makes you wanna freeze the movie that is our life and stay there...between me and my non-stop giggle fit and his making fun of me for drooling when I was talking...life couldn't have gotten any better!! I know it's not too funny or clever but really, I can't be fucking perfect every day right??? Hope you all are great and update...Panty Pyramid update I have purchased FUNDIES!!!!!!!!!!!! for my first 10 people, guess what chicaa and dude (one guy is in this!!) i am getting the postage together and am aiming to send out by Monday...hope you're getting excited! I know I am! Peace out!!


Julie said...

Dude, I didn't have time to really take interest in myself again until this year...when I turned 40! So if you can do it, you are ahead of the curve. So you GO TO IT, Herb Girl.

And I will be squirming in my chair until June, and duh to me, I've read the books, I know what happens... but STILL!!! So I am with you on that.