Day 3 - Yay ME!!!!! and my pants where around my ankles in the living room

Hola Bitches!!!! So, A vlog for you lovelies! Surprise surprise, my daughter So - who she has just asked me to announce has her first loose teeth (bottom middles) and has her adult tooth already appearing. In typical Sophia form, arriving before announced at the ball and making her own entrance. Anyhow, I have been hearing a lot more from people and some new folks too - welcome welcome welcome! I have had a blast getting to know you all and am really starting to feel great. Maybe it's the endorphins from the work out or maybe it's the 2 rums i have chillin in my freezer but whatever it is I dont swear I haven't done chemicals in YEARS!!! (we're talkin many many years).. but it's true. I am feelin great and when I say my pants fell down during my workout - they totally did.

In the 30 day shred you start with your warm up (remember, I told you we did are crosses and BIIIIIG windmills) then we did cardio - and I hated every minute of listening to Satan's voice...ya...this is the same video..again

So I am kicking my own ass literally during the cardio part of it and all of a sudden I start to feel myself bounce and flop; and then it pants totally fell off! Now, for a bigger gal, that feelin is amazin, but for my 5 yr old daughter who was workin out with me I think I totally shocked her because all I heard was "aaaaaaaaaahhh Momma, your butt is huuuuuge, and I can see your undies!"

whatever, you know what?? I have been trying to loose weight since I had her so for me to have on a pair of comfy pants and have them fall off, wtf this is the GOAL and guess what - I accomplished something!!! I didn't give up; I didn't bitch and complain - um,....i'll take that back because I totally did; but I am proud that my pants fell down!

I am totally stoked for day 4 tomorrow though. I think that part of it is the fact that I am challenging myself to do this. Something that even my own husband has said he doesn't think I will stick with it, or that it's not that hard...whatever, cuz you're not gonna be saying that when my ass is small and tight and I have a flat tummy are you???? NO, you FUCK OFF!

I do have a challenge for him though...even though he weighs like 20 lbs, he needs to get in shape too - so I am going to challenge him to do this with me...tomorrow Dan's ass is gonna be Jillian's and we'll see how easy it is for him! Sucka!

Also, I have to purchase new running shoes as currently I have my old puma's and they aren't the working out sort. What kind do i buy??? I know I would love some funky green or red ones, but now a days running shoes are all about inner arch support with anterior cushioning...I just want something my dawgs can hang out in while they brace themselves for the ride of their life...(side note -my mental image of how my feet react to me doing jumping anything is how someone would look on a mechanical bull and if the bull was in agony....)

As I said in my vid.. thank you so much Jen (EHG) for getting me involved in this! I am totally doing something for myself - finally, but I am really so happy I read your post.(well all your posts cuz your cool but that one particularly about the body love and the shred sissy shower...) Alex, nice to see you stop bye, and if you seriously have 4 kids and you're 32...I was almost in your shoes hunny, and good on ya!!! Julie, are you shreddin? I do the workout to the new moon kinda goes with it!!! Who, if you haven't started to read Peter de Wolfe please do, this guy is super great. The main reason why I love to read his posts are the ones that are addressed to his future wife. Totally adorable.. Bindu Wiles who was a "blog of note" a few weeks back is totally great also. She is a writer, yoga guru and has a great seistor too..(thank you for spreading the word). Anyone else that has stopped by or commented; thank you all!!

Day 4 is comin up and I can't friggen wait to see how it goes....I am seriously going to have a couple rum n cokes tonight, cuz god damn it, I am worth it and every body likes me!!


Jennifer Brindley said...

Gwuuuuuuurl! I LOVE that you gave me a vlog vocal type shout-out. YAY! Keep rockin' the 30-Day shred, chica. I finished day (six?) today even though I felt totally lazy and had to kick the boy out of the room, but I'm so glad I did it. I'm almost ready to go to level 2. Almost. We'll get there together!!!