12 Days of 2009....

The end of another year is approaching.
Not only do I feel a little narcecistic about this past year being totally shyte; I also feel really anxious about what 2010 will bring. I have sort of explained some pit-falls that I have endured this year; however, there have been many...
Today got me thinking that I have 12 days to make it right...who knows, maybe in my former life, I was a total jack-ass and deserved all the lessons I learned this year...maybe it was all in error that this year happened. Whatever the case may be, there's only one thing I can do...
Stay postitive!
I am still healing my torn muscles in my ankles and to that I must inform you I am off the shred...not forever because I want to/have to/ need to finish it; but really guys, it's bugging me that I can't do the entire 30 days in a row like I had planned. I am however, still doing squats, sit-ups, push-ups and stretching which is totally better than nothing. I just hope the ankles get better soon because I am not gonna lie -they really hurt. I was taking the kids upstairs tonight (as they fell asleep on the couch) and was having a hard time as my feet feel like they will give out on me any minute. Oh well....no one got hurt.
I have vowed to take care of myself and start doing things for me. What have I done do you ask??
I have started to make sure that my nails are always painted (toes really, but if I so desire to paint my finger nails, I will). "Women should always look like women" my Grandmother used to say..to having my hair done; brows waxed and under control; girl time - me time and hubby time!
I have committed myself to finding a personal STYLE. Jeans and a T aren't a style...I want to really find out who I am... am I the chick who matches her hat with scarf, with bag with belt? Do I have long curly hair and wear crochet'd little beanies? Am I sleek and sexy, wearing pencil skirts, heels and my hair pin straight????
These questions need answers people! Who am I? What do I look good in? What do I want my wardrobe to say about me? (Insert answers here if you have any...__________________)
I have also committed myself to this blog....yay! I have come to realize that having this little porthole into the unknown is really good for the soul. So good infact that there should be a "Chicken Soup for the Blogger's Soul" (remember, you heard it here first..so if you see it, send the royalties to me!)
Anyhow, so to acknowledge the 12 days that are left in this god forsaken year, I would like to pay homage to every month of '09 by doing 12 shots. Bartender!!!! Let's get a round...tonight we are shooting Broken Down Gold Carts (Amaretto, Melon Liqueur, Cranberry Juice and a splash of 7up shaken over ice)
September (she starts the blog...)
October (boooo!)
(totally spilled that one down my face)
December (it's almost figgen over...can't wait. BAAAARRRR TENNNNNNNDERR!!! another round for my friends!
(ok, so I totally only did 3 shots) but really, that is enough because I have to maintain sobriety. After all, I do have kids here and it's not fair.....wait! Dan's home - he can drive em if they need anything!!!
Bing it on baby!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I would love to join you in the round of shots and ciggys. I, too, have had a shit year. Well, that's not entirely true - this was the first year of trying to get back on track after about 2 truly truly shiteous years, and so it's like we had post traumatic stress this year. Making it SEEM as shitty as the previous two.

Either way, I'll buy the next round. Bartender?