dred the shred

Howdy y'all! Ok, so I am back stuck on the floor but this time with horrible news...I think my muscles are thirsty. I don't think I am hydrated enough to work out or my body is clearly a sponge for liquid because when working out, I get parched super bad and have been getting paisties - and really I swear haven't smoked any glorified oregano since that last post!! cross my heart! Anyhow, so I talked to my Dr. today on the phone and said what was going on and he suggested to chill until I can at least walk without pain. I deceded to listen to him; however, I did a 15 min ab video and then 15 min arms/legs session so I did the "dred-the-shred" program today. My shins, ankles, knees and heels are really thanking me but my ass is also not too happy from the squats because I totally made them burn today! My doctor also said that beer isn't good for when you work out...funny though, I dont drink beer - thanks for saying I have a pot belly!!! He didn't say anything about Rum though!!!! (insert silver lining here) I don't have much to post and for that I am sorry; however, I am super tired and have zero creative juice left. I did however, speak with my seistor for like 2 hours tonight, and I haven't talked to her in a while...SO HAPPPY now. I know now what a crack addict feels like when they get their fix. "you're like my personal brand of heroine" Jax. xoxox Anyhow, so she is coming home on the 8th for 2 days before she goes to Cuba. This makes me happy/sad/happy/sad. Comme ci comme ca. She is going to Cuba for 2 weeks and I was totally supposed to go on this trip. Ya see, her bday is in January too and we had planned we would go with our respective men; however, guilt and life got in my head and clouded my vision. How could i leave my babies for a week? How could I afford to go? Who would watch the kids for a week? Would Dan get the time off work? all these things made me say no to the trip. Even when my hubby said to just go myself. Tempting; however, totally unrealistic! I mean, I couldn't imagine not being away with him. We both haven't been anywhere since our honeymoon 7 years ago. We dont get time together, so I would feel guilty for taking time apart...pa-thet-ic I know; but I kinda love my man a lot and if anyone deserves some time away, it's him. This is the truth my friends--not just in case he reads this....well that's not a bad thought though! Anyhow, so she is going and I am not. She will be here for 4 days though and I get a girls night - proper one - and a great dinner out also!!! I can't wait - it'll be really fantabulous!!! She is also going to post on here, so you'll get to know her...perhaps I could get her to do a vlog! JAX IF U READ THIS, just say yes! we'll make cocktails and vlog together!!! ok, we talked about it and SHE'S DEF IN!!! I think her answer will be "Fuck ya!" which is translated loosly in chick language to "there better be free booze or else!" and yes, there will be!! Anyhow, this is it for tonight - again, apoligies but I just wanted to say that I have been getting some love from you and you and you and I just wanted to say RIGHT BACK AT 'CHAS it means a lot!! until next time, on the same bat channel i leave you with the song that always gets in my head with I say sister rather that seeeistor. sisters sisters there were never such devoted sisters never had to have a chaparone,no sir "im here to keep my eye on here" sharing caring every little think that we are wearing when a certain gentlemen arrived from Rome she wore the dress and I stayed home! Chick Norris


Amy --- Just A Titch said...

Looking forward to the vlog! xo

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Hi, just found your blog. Having an ankle problem must be a huge pain in the neck (and the ankle!) I'm a massage therapist and wanted to recommend that you massage the area above the injury, your calf and thigh mainly. This helps to increase circulation and bring a fresh supply of blood and oxygen to the area and speeds healing. I've done this for clients many times and it's very helpful. If you can get your husband to do it for you-even better. If you have the resources to visit a massage therapist in your area, that would be the best option.

Good luck!

The Insatiable Host said...

Hi, thank you for your Rx for the pain in my ankle and kneck (because yes, it's a true pain..) I have seen my RMT and have gotten the full rub-down on the legs; however, we are both in the same opinion that it may be my arches...you know where your calacaneous is, on the interior side, that is where the majority of the pain is. It feels as if my akele's tendon (I doubt I spelled that correctly) has seized and it's taking the rest of my tendons and muscles hostage. If you can suggest anything else that would totally rock!!!

Thanks for checkin out the blog - I always enjoy new reader, and advice!!