Level 2 Day Un. Fail.

Happy Tuesday Friends...so I am actually still on the ground recouping from today's abuse and torture...no I am not into SMBD but one may think so after fully comprehending the 30Day shred challenge.. anyhow, I vlogged for y'all today because even after these few words, my body is crumbling and I want to slip into a hot bath and just breath in the serenity of my quite house... talk tomorrow, thanks for all the comments, and please go read http://www.adayinthewife.blogspot.com/ her newest post is about Chick Norris....and FYI, feel free to refer me to her...lol..it's friggen hilarious and in case you didn't know Chick Norris doesn't get a period she gets 2 dots and an exclamation mark!! Until tomorrow my friends...xoxo Insatiablehost


Anonymous said...

Are you just the cutest thing EVER? Canadian accents are hawt.

So, did I miss where you gave yourself a fucking break on level two because earlier in the day you did LEVEL ONE?? Like, in the SAME DAY? For realz, tomorrow is going to be different.

Now all I can think about is rum and coke, btw. Rum and effing coke.

Jennifer Brindley said...

So, I don't like listening to her after awhile. I listen to her for the first round only, and then I turn the sound down and play my own music, it's more fun.

Don't be discouraged, I can't do all the exercises in ANY of the levels. I modify what I can't do with something I CAN do and I just push through it. I call it Jenn-shred. :)