Tag; You're It!

I haven't played tag in like 20+ years..but today I was tagged by my Aussie-Friend Whoa-Mumma in this little game and have to oblige. I hope my tag-ies are able to play because this is pretty fun!
10 Things that make Me Happy
1. Hugs, the perfect snuggle from the kids or one of Dan's bear hugs totally makes my day.
2. Apple Martinis, Baileys, Coffee, Diet Coke, E_, Fosters beer, Gin n 7, Harvey Wallbangers, I__, Jack Daniels with Coke...oh the alphabet of drinks I could sing... Wine, Rum n Coke, Pink Lemonade, Margaritas, Mojitos all just to name a few.
3. Really great movies! Ones that make you laugh, cry, giggle, hope, dream everything! My favorites are Grease, Shawshank Redemption, Power of One, 500 days of Summer, Scent of a Woman, Good Will Hunting, Lord of the Rings, Finding Neverland, PS I love you and Because I Said So.
4. Morning nookie! Nothing says I love you like a ____ in the morning!!
5. Going out for dinner...a little weird I know, but I love the excitement of what I will have; what I will pair with it, who is cooking....really, its a mild addiction.
6. My seistor! Especially now, that she is not within a drives distance, she makes me soooo happy to hear her voice, to joke around with her and to hear her laugh.
7. My family. The hubby, kiddies, kitten...everyone. My happiness comes around when we are all together.
8. Grocery shopping...again, random but to select your produce, meats...everything is just amazing. I also put buying flowers in the same category because a usually goes with b.
9. Being able to talk to my girls...even though we don't see each other much, no matter what it is, they are always there. Our conversations usually last an hour or 3 but it's full of laughter and it puts me at ease.
10. My blog. For real, I didn't think that I could do this! I thought that I would give up or not even meet friends or anything...and its unbelievable the power that the bloggy-sphere holds. I have met sooooo many great people and really can't wait to get home each day for the 1 hour I allot myself to read every one's posts...I hope they see when they are tagged!
Thanks for playin and here are the next tag-ees.
I hope you all are great and find a few or 10 things that make you happy.
Peace out!!


Julie said...

It is done!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh! I'm it, huh? Okey doke. I'm off to write about what makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

1.Special Someone
2.Seistor and her kids
3.Vacationing for long periods of time
4.shopping by myself for myself
5.eating anything and everything
7.a little toke
10.doing things for other people