Day 5 and stayin alive stayin alive!!!

Ah ah ah ah stayin aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!!!
For pete's sake, today has been seriously full of surprises!!! Suprise and delight number 1
I was reading the blogs I follow today and read Bindu Wiles post about Best Blogs of 09 and guess who's name was guessed it folks, Insatiablehost!!!!! I can't believe it yo! I am very grateful for this honour and also for the great friendships that have started; and for those words that I read every day!!! Thank you again!
Suprise and Delight #2
I did 10 push ups!!!!! I did 10 modified push-ups but I did them!!!! I actually got through the video today for the 30-day shred (day 5) and feel even better than yesterday. I will be looking like Jessica Rabbit soon enough! I really would like to thank the anonymous poster who had given me some really great advice about spreading my legs (DIRTY PIGS!!!!!) wider when doing push ups and also about how to strengthen my triceps (those are muscles) to make me stronger for the pushups!!! I really appreciated the kind words, encouragement and advice!
While I was working out today, the dood was on the carpet watching the Grinch; my husband decided to start to feed himself. That's right....and even though he let me have the time to myself to do the work out, and also had suggested I not "go so hard" for the first few days because I'll hurt myself...he had the friggen nuggets to actually make a toasted salmon sandwich with brie, avacado, tomato and greens on a Portuguese bun with olive oil!!!! It smelled like sex in the air!!!! So naughty but fuck I just wanted a friggen bite!!!! I didn't want to concentrate on keeping my core tight and my butt pushed out, and back flat! No I wanted to run over to my kitchen (I would have done butt kicks over there so I wouldn't be really giving up on the workout) and rip the food out of his hands and make out with the bread! But NO.....I am way better than that!!!! I actually am proud of myself today because I didn't touch it....I wanted to, I pushed through the workout - and let me tell you - the bicycle crunches at the end - I am pushing through and screaming!! but I pushed through it and enjoyed by freezing cold water, and a great apple!
Jen, I would have totally scarffed the pizza with ya buddy!!!! I am still chewing on the inside of my a non-carnivorous manner!!
Anyhow friends and new friends and not my friends but I'll call you my friends..have a fan-FUCKIN-tastic day tomorrow. Day 6 is up and guys I gotta tell ya, I am pretty scared!!! I feel like I am gonna drop!!! I have faith that the only thing here droppin is my pants and my weight!! Let me know any more tips, advice and keep the love up!!! xsox insatiablehost!