I am Chick Norris!!! Dont eff with me!

I love my readers!!! I shouldn't call you "my" readers, as you aren't mine; but whatever.. you know what I am talking bout! So I have been informed that I am the female version of Chuck Norris except with a Uterus...and to this I say
Fuck ya I am!
Although I have been told that Chuck Norris is so good that in fact he could create another being- that being would not be 1/2 as great as he.
Also I have been told by a wise prophet that you know how some kids pee their name into snow? Chuck Norris does this into concrete...FO REALZ!
Now, Chick Norris is a little more polite and has morals; however, if it looks like chicken, tastes like chicken and feels like chicken; if Chick Norris says it's beef - Its Fucking Beef!! She has been also sited as the mother of Optimus Prime - after Chuck ejaculated while they were having intimate relations on her tracker...one of the sperm got loose and thus created their love spawn.
Chick Norris is also full of wit and zest....she was the one who coined the phrase "Chuck Norris doesn't pop his collar up; his collar gets an erection when it's close to her body"...umm hm!
See, there you have it...Goly Julie, thanks for pointing out the obvious...now I will have to go back to using my pseudonym...Wonder Woman.
Day 10- sort of....so today, I worked late...it was 5:30 pm when I was finally out of the revolving doors of life and into the real world. Hubby was there to pick me up as he was off today; however, as we have to get the critters by 6 pm or be charged a million dollars a minute there after, he left...this left me with 2 options..Cab - $20 or Bus $2.50 - but no change; only a $20 in my wallet. It was raining; however, seeing how I am feeling like a superhero, I totally opted to walk a bit. My intent was to walk to the train station and take a bus...but then the brisk walk felt great! I was clenching my buns, walking in stride, and pumping my arms furiously...this was better than the warm up with Satan. I ended up walking 2 km to the store, did a brief yet thorough grocery shop and was greeted out front of the store by a clean-shaved, freshly groomed husband, 3 children and a hot apple cider.
While I didn't shred with JM I totally got my shred on - I am feelin the burn. Day 10 tomorrow am before work. This will require me to wake up at 5 am and do this - which I totally will. And after, snaps with Maria....can't wait!!!! I will start level 2 tomorrow evening when I get home. Brace yourself folks, there may be nothing that Chuck Norris can't do; Chick Norris will be eating Champions for breakfast and serving herself on a platter for dinner...
Thanks again !!!
FYI...update on Panty Pyramid. I have sent out 9 pairs and bought myself a pair...waiting on how to post this one...hmmm...anyhow, so when you receive your mail, could you please post on this or pantypyramid.blogspot.com....I would love to see your posts!!! Hope you enjoy...they should be there soon!!!!


Julie said...

Chick Norris has a uterus so strong that babies make themselves up in there.

Yes, this deserves it's own post. You are officially my muse.

Julie said...

Okay, I posted AND I stole your CN graphic. I am running and hiding, because one does not mess with Chick Norris like this...

Miss Marilee said...

*cough cough* You can call me "yours" in a noncreepy way!! ;)