Merry Christmas to all and to all.....let's get drunk!

Well the day is finally here! We are all likely to be tired, broke and ready or already consuming our individual soul food. I am actually sitting here drooling over the aromas at my families house...the turkey, ham, potato's with chorizo...maybe it's the wine. Who cares!!! All I know is that sitting at the family table on Christmas makes life worth all the downs and ups.
It is this time that I love to sit back; reflect and give thanks to my family and friends for not abandoning me and also sit here and realize that we are so very lucky to have each and everyone in our lives.
My children for making us smile each day and laugh until our bellies hurt; my husbands family for being there constantly and also for my family for never leaving one day boring.

Amen and may the wine gods bless you all...

(subnote: this post had actually been created on December 25; however, something peculiar happened, I got a little tipsy and forgot to hit publish..sorry for the delay; however, I'll make it up to you all tomorrow!!)


Julie said...

Aw - look at that adorable family! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc etc etc, looking forward to the laughs you create in 2010.

Cheers to you, CN!

My v word was "butscrea" - hmmm. That doesn't sound sexy at ALL. I'm going for hand sanitizer.