tweeting sounds pornographic..isn't there a better word?

Holla!!!!! How is everyone today???? Me, I am doin A-OK! I just have finished my day 6 of the shredded hell that Satan leads. I am feeling stronger, and I notice the difference in my balance, strength and endurance. I have again done 10 pushups (modified) but still did them 3 times for the reps in the course of the vid...I have noticed that myleft hamstrings aren't loving the kick in the ass. I find that when I do the but kicks, and i am counting to save myself from passing out or kicking my leg forward into my television to punt the wicked witch off my screen, that there is a little bit of a soreness. I wont baby it, but I think I am going to ease up on the bootie kicks. As for the side lunges, I still dont love them, but am going deeper, and am using bottles of water as weights, so that is making a difference too. I have also noticed that the trick that I used in days 1 and 2 of counting my breath has lent nicely into helping me not lose balance...I also stair at my walls while running and imagine what new colours I could paint or what pictures I should hang. You see I can multitask like a mother fucker! WhenI am doingbicycle crunches and the other ab owrk, I look at my cieling and try to see different patterns in the stucco. It reminds me of the stigmata people who say they see the vigin mary's botocelli's face in a pancake that was made, and then people sit around the pancake and worship it for's crazy!! Have I noticed any fat shedding??? Well I am so amazed that I can say I have officially lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks. Last week I was only down 3 pounds so that would make me think that over 6 days on top of the shred, and a really balanced (and scaled back) diet, I have lost 6 ish me, this is great!!! I am not counting numbers to save myself heartache and embarrasment at the end. I think that if i set any goal numerically, that it would only make me lose my nut and obsess over numbers.... I have a goal to get into size 31/32 for my bday...and we are just 22 days away...(HOLY FUCKBALLS) guys n gals....I am turing 30 in 22 days...whatever shall I do???? Ok, so my goals are - stay focused on the shred!!! do it every day, don't give up! I want to also make sure that I have 1 salad min. a day....I fear that my fat arse needs to stay away from my newest addiction....Ace Bakery Crustini's in olive oil and sea salt...they are so fucking good with goat's cheese!!! Speaking of the Lord's cheese...I was reading an article and discussing with Brigitte Jone's (my friend, not the real one) about the testing that has been done recently regarding the hormones in cow's milk having a direct correlation with acne, dry skin, scaring (where blemishes are etc.). I am also going to try to cut out dairy....well...unnecessary dairy. I WONT GIVE UP MY COFFEE! I know its very Joan of Arc when I say this, but really, I love my coffee in the am...I have cut down from XL Triple Triple to Large Double Double....when I start level 2 of the shred, I am going to switch to sweetner rather than sugar. This is it for now though...I dont want to deny myself something if I actually want it...shit, could you imagine if I denied myself RUM???? loll..haha ha...that does make me chuckle, but again, I also believe in comprimise....i'll stick with Diet Coke rather than Coca Cola Classic. In other news in my life...I am trying to learn twitter/tweeting....what ever the eff you want to call it. I have just learned that the @ sign is back at whoever...but the RT - i am suspecting is a re-tweet...whatis that??? Thatis just copying someones tweet and claiming it as your own???? My god if it's not bad enough to learn blogging and a new lingo!!! I am not too good at ordering starbucks as it is :) I will learn, I will persevere and I will keep tweeting....but guys, realy tweet?!!! it's bad enough that when I was growing up my mother called a lady part a Bird....tweet tweet!! have a great day, I can't wait until fuckin Friday!!!!! DAY 7 here we go!!!


Miz said...

it took me MONTHS to get twitter and even longer to not feel as though I was at a party where everyone else was friends and chatting and I was standing on the side with my drink :)

but I love it now...

and still giggle at the OhSoCloseToPorn name.