Bacon is my new Religion

Happy Gobble Gobble to all my Canadian peeps!!

I have finally shook the hangover from Thanksgiving off and am totally revved to go! After the amazing meals of last night and tonight and the kick ass breakfasts that I made both days..I can't say exactly if I gained weight, but I am very thankful for my comfy clothes that mask the "fullness".
Yesterday I wanted to make a filling and great breakfast for Dan's birthday. I wanted to do something comfy and something that will last the day because we wanted to get out and enjoy the day at the park or I made Momma P's breakfast sammies!!!
I woke up pretty early because smelly doesn't sleep much, but it gave us a great chance to get a start on our day! I literally had nothing in the fridge, so she and I went to the store to get some things for breakfast for Daddy's bday. We wanted to make something great - something to sustain us through our adventure for the day!
Momma P's Breakfast Sammies started a while back when the kids wanted to go get McDonalds breakfast and I wasn't in the position to buy it...we have moved from the original versions a lot; and now we just love the fact that in 10 minutes we have something way better, delicious and can eat it in our jammies.
What you'll need:
Roma Tomatoes
Fresh Loaf of Bread (I prefer Ciabatta)
Stilton or Brie Cheese
Olive Oil

Its pretty simple folks, I like to cut the bread on a diagonal to make the sandwiches nice and thick...then I put olive oil and a little coarse salt on the bread - this will get broiled nicely.

Eggs, I like to fry them in butter. Say what you just tastes better! So I use non-salted butter and just a little bit for the pan. I also like to put a little bit of hot pepper dust (our friends Tim and Brianne smoke peppers and make this powder of hotness - it friggen rocks!! ) so I dust the eggs, and S&P it.

The bacony goodness gets baked in the oven on 400 and I make sure to drain the grease off as much as possible. Baking the bacon is a great way to reduce the fat and also get a thorough cooking - especially for those of you who like it a little crispy (like me!)

I get the bread in the oven after the bacon is ready and put it on low broil. ***Tip of the day..Broil both sides -so there isn't sogginess anywhere.

After the major players are ready the assembly begins. I get the toasted ciabatta and put avocado slices all over, get the tomato, egg, bacon and spinach on top and then I get the brie or Stilton (that day it was Stilton) and spread it on the other piece of bread and close up shop!

I cant tell you just how delicious these sammies were...perhaps Bella can show you!


Julie said...

First, let me say I could eat her up, she's adorable.

Second, on to really important issues - baking bacon - do you bake this on a rack, or straight on the pan? How long does this normally take? (I likes it crispy.) When do you flip it? Any flammable grease issues in a gas oven? I want one of these sammies. Right. Now.