Capt.VonTrapp just shanked you with a Lipstick Brush

I love love love how great readers of bloggie land are!!! I also am admitting to being one of those people who cry easily and read comments. I think it is so amazing that there is a way to get your thoughts out and say whatever...if it's thank you, you rock or you's totally crazy that we get this chance to read peoples thoughts and comment on them!! I have told y'all about some of the blogs i heart like Ex Hot Girl, A Day in the Wife, The Blogess, Nat the Fat Rat...and the 43.6 million and 2 that I haven't discovered yet or been informed about yet....but the common thread that I have been seeing is just how between writers there is so much appreciation and "you go girl; no you go girl...wait, you're not a girl, but you go too!!"its just fantundaful! (my new word).
I have received a crap ton of emails from people who are reading either my comments or blogs and again...still seeing the love!! So Thanks a gabillion!!! That is amazing...feel free to keep sharing the love and paying it forward...
I have decided to find out your feelings/notions whateves about Daily Affirmations...if you are having a shyte day...let me know...I want to brighten it...tell me about your worst day or situation and I'll shove the sunshine so far up your ass that your teeth will glow brighter than Ross's from friends when he got his teeth bleached!
I have been known to spread the love, give some good advice and also mix a mean let me know!! Whilst I am not able to send you the drink, the thought of what you may write will likely make me drink heavily; thus enhancing my cocktailing ability....Get ready to brace yourself!! For today, I have two for you all to muse about...
REALITY Everyday when I wake up I will tell myself, "It's only a movie." Today's movie is Reality Bites and Empire Records for the soundtrack; Parenthood - because my house is a disaster and the kids are driving me crazy; High Fidelity because John Cusask spends a lot of time in my head....I think we have a real connection!! Yah...we DO!!! and the Sound of music because I wish that I had Maria and Capt. VonTrapp to blow the whistle that strikes command and fear into little people.
COMPROMISE Let's agree to respect each others views, no matter how wrong yours may be. This might sound odd, but as I am grinning ear-to-ear and laughing at how many times this has gone through my's soooo true though..if I haven't told you I am, I am - so deal with it. If I am wrong, I'll admit it, then shank you with my lipstick brush.
xoxo D


Jennifer Brindley said...

I respect your views, but instead of shanking me with your lipstick brush, could you spank me with a wire brush?


~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl.)