The Proof is in the Popcorn!

Ladies and Gentlemen....the strung out mother emerged lastnight. She was reported to have been drinking tall cans in the train station while eating a sub; she was reported to be loud and quite socialble. Here are the things that I can attest to. The night before last my bestie and I got all sorts of crazy for Keith. I cant begin to tell you how rediculously cute he is and really, how amazing the concert was. I am not the one who usually loves country; however, since my bestfriend worships him and asked me to the concert 1.5 years ago, I am now addicted!! The night had started with severe thunder storms and by the end of the night the only thing that was electric was the performance! I have to admit, I would likely have said the same thing if I went to Raffe in concert; however, the chance to get out with my bestie really was what I needed!!! I feel so great!! Not only did we have 853 laughs about how it must be so difficult to have such an audience and about perfection being matched to us...(unrealistic you say??? Well you have never been in the presence of both of us!) We were going to go out for a lavish and scrumptuous meal before the show; however, the combination of thunder and lightning mixed with the fact that bestie had rollers in her hair made us quite hesitant to walk around. She seriously was endangering all of Toronto with the curlers; but we were getting great reception!! (I am totally joking, she took them out before we got to the city - but if she did leave them in, I am betting that we would have both been struck by lighting). We decide to enjoy whatever tasty treat that Union Station had to offer, and in our case, it was a 6-pack and Mr Sub. Again, not glamorous food; however, sometimes a girl just needs a foot long assorted with hot peppers!! It was on whole wheat and barely any toppings - but let's face it...the beer didn't do any wonders for either of my ass's and I didn't care one bit!! We chowed down, strolled on in to the arena and prepped for a fun night. I just learned of this band Lady Antebellum and for all you gals that thought Ryan Gosling was steamy....get a load of this guy...I can't believe how adorable; not to mention the guy has got a great voice! Anyhow so they play their songs and bestie and I are laughing the whole way because I can't get past that I am drinking out of a sippie cup!! My beer was in a sippie cup!! Again, as I have techie issues, I have great photo's but my browser keeps crashing each time I want to upload them to my blogadoodle. I think it's because "awesomeness" is a lot to handle!
As bestie and I are talking, listening to the great tunes and drinking from our sippie cups, the lights get darker and all of a sudden it TIME!!!! I can't tell you what his first song was, but I can tell you that the Coors Light I was drinking from the sippie was certainly worked off in the first song! We sang and danced the ENTIRE concert!
All of a sudden, I notice to my right that the guys who sell pop and popcorn etc at concerts (which I didn't realize even happened) were actually grosse! They totally were eating out of the bags and drinking out of each pop! NO JOKE - again, I have pictures --the proof is in the popcorn! The gaggle of gals infront of us were also noticing the dudes sampling the goods and it turned out to be something that was quite picture worthy. As soon as they were busted (by one of the other gals) they took off like a bat outta hell ! I think that perhaps the incriminating photos being sent to the directors of relations at the venue may be weighing heavily on their shoulders....I'll keep you updated fo shizzle!
Anyhow so the night was over before it began and I found myself on the drive home anticipating getting on the computer to share with you all but then it happened! When I got home to upload my photos, I passed out! This little lady hasn't shaked her bootie like that in YEARS!! I was exhausted - not to mention had to work on Sunday at 8 am and we're talking I am sorry..I would love to share my sippie cup pics with you all - they are on fb if you have it!

In all honesty, I dont get out a whole hell of a lot, and it was just what I needed!! I love to laugh with bestie and sing and dance and just be awesome really.. I hope you all had a great weekend and I can't wait to hear back from the ACC -perhaps there will be some comp tix in the future??!

Just wait...Sunday's Truffle Mac n Cheese is on it's way!!!!