G'day mates!! I have had one hell of a day so far and it is likely to last longer than I hoped; however, there is always light at the end of the sister is finally coming home from her quest out west!! She will only be visiting for 3 weeks but, really I am in such need of seistor time you have no clue!!
I have tried to plan a bunch of silly girlie things to do like manies and pedies; shopping, drinks and dinner; movies and a shit-tonne of laughter...the horrible thing is, that I dont have my camera to document the nonsense! My mother-in-law has taken it hostage and crossed the border with it.
I swear I will keep you posted about how it goes and any trouble we get into! I seriously haven't been so excited for anything, aside from my wedding, but that is just a different type of excitement!! This is like first day of college, new hair-cut, new clothes and girls trip kinda fun!!
The weekend was pretty kickass though...Friday I was gonna take the monsters to the movies but they fell asleep before we left so that idea shit the bed before it happened; Saturday I got my hair did...and I must say, it's pretty great!!! I luvs Darcie...she is my colour tech and does a wicked-ass job! I took the 3 munchkins to a birthday party and then Sunday was lazy days!!!
I also did something daring and tried to go lingerie shopping...ok, nothing ex-rated or porn worthy trust me...I didn't even buy anything!! This is where the dilemma is gals!!! I think I am severe need of help..I tried on some great pieces and even ones that were a little bow chica bow wow...and I couldn't muster up the balls to buy anything!! NOT ONE Bra, thong corset or even a pair of socks...I couldn't do it..and I think its a lack of confidence..."dont worry, just wear your typical beige on beige safari gear..Dan liked the crocodile hunter right??" or "you have got to be kidding me...both of my ass' are to fit where?" I think I could have talked myself out of buying just about anything..and clearly I did just that.
What the fuck is wrong with me???
I have to find the inner porn-star or something...Someone throw me a pole...Stella better find her fuckin groove before she turns 30!!!
If any of you have the cadbury secret as to how to embrace your bootie and feel all sex-a-licious and stuff then please PLEASE tell me!! I want to be able to get this new body rockin with some new duds!!
Anyhow, as we left off yesterday,
Conspiracy The complete lack of evidence is the surest sign that the conspiracy is working. This is soooo true!! If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it still make a sound?...If you dont see "it" in action...does it exist! There are many things in our daily lives that we can put to this test such as...
America's Next Top Model...have you seen some of these winners?
...okay, let's just put all of the top reality TV shows into that one...because then you have SYTYCD, AI, BL, BB, etc....there has to be a conspiracy there...
Look at how athletes compete for salary/team standings...ok, so I know I can't talk sports and I never claimed that I could - but lets be real here...even after reading "TheFix" there are many more reasons why this conspiracy theory lives...
Anyhow, I know it's nothing fun and dandy; however, I'll make up for it!! I will now bake chocolate chip cookies and send them to anyone who wants me to!! Comment with your mailing address and I'll delete it from the post...this is a chain letter and it will expire if you do not comment...or someone will magically appear out of your computer screen and spank you with a wire brush!! (it's how Jen likes it!)


Jennifer Brindley said...

First of all, I talk myself out of buying shit all the time. My boyfriend's Dad used to buy me Victoria's Secret gift cards for christmas (which is weird inandofitself) but I'm going, "What the fuck am I supposed to buy here?)

So, yeah. And I'd love cookies, except I'm trying to shrink my ass, so no cookies for me unless they're negative calories. ;)


Julie said...

I do the same damn thing too. Like, 'oh, this is a nice sexy girlfriend bra, and WTF it is $45 and I could buy 3 or 4 books with that'. (And then I go to the bookstore and say 'Sheesh, that seems like a lot to spend on books' and then I end up blowing it on 9 lattes.)
And same on the cookies...sound SOOO good, but I just weighed in today and gained back 4.2 of the 20 pounds I've lost over the past 6 months, so back to the drawing board...but virtual cookies are just as good.
Love your new hair.