Its a Dance Party in ma pants...

I've got a feeling....that OPRAH rocks da Casbah!!! This video makes me SO happy and always gets my ass goin! My sister once said that if you are having a bad day, crank the tunes no matter where you are and have a dance party!!!! Me thinks that it works! Sophia and Bella are dancing around like a bunch of kids at a rave when all of a sudden Sophia screams " Mom this is so cool it's a dance party in ma pants!"....I can't stop smiling!!

What's up everyone!! So I just looked out my window up into the sky and saw the IH light shining in the sky. Immediately I opened my cupboard...threw all caution to the wind, took a swig of the first thing I could touch (Jack Daniels) and drewback a huge glug....I twirled around 3 times so quick it looked like a mini tornado in my kitchen and all of a suddon I was transformed into my altar ego...Insatiable is here to rescue your day...dooo dododooooooooooooo!

Okay, whatever..but my friend said I let her down today and I am a mess...when was this? How did this happen??? Was I not paying attention? I thought that we covered this today in our preliminary converstation...I know that the majority of our talks consist of heavy amounts of sarcasm and wit; however, if there was something underlying, I was totally focused on myself rather than what you needed... (sorry dude...what do you need???)

Do you need the article written? Do you need words of inspiration??? You can take my Tony Robins book and DVD free with purchase!! OH Wait...I also have the video..."STOP THE INSANITY"...oh wait, better rethink that lend...I am still coping!

Anyhow, if you need me, I am totally here!!! Just call/text/write ..if you are physically injured pls ask a neighbourly passerbye to help you!! Im listed!!

Other than the distress call on crackbook, I have to admist that today bit balls! I tried to keep in a happy mood; however November blahs are taking over, I am PMSing like a muther and I can't remember if it's because it's coming or the after shocks of my last one....what THE feck is going on???

What else...OH! BIG camera has returned into the province and will be back in action! I got a new puddy tat and I will post pics asap! We dont have a name just yet;however, I was kinda hoping that you all could assist! We really like crazy and weird names like PrincessConsuelaBananahammock or Princess PineapplebottomJeans...PLEASE HELP...the cool thing about her is that she is a friend has this friend who found a mother cat who was expecting and she had the babies 8 weeks ago. Sophia has been dreaming about kittens for a while now and we were trying to hold off on pets until we could get a house and whatever thing leads to another, I am a pushover; Dan wanted a pet; the girls were totally extatic about when I said we were gonna see babies - sophia's reaction was.."ooooh momma; you got pregnant for me to have a little baby??? thank you!!!!!"

um no...

so getting a kitten is way better for me than getting knocked up again (ladies, I have 3 under 5... this is birth control for all you youngins and for all of us who have been der bought da Tshirt...I am done - my factory was shut down!) I am happy with a new bitch on the block least it isn't something that requires a tonne of another husband or dog or something...that we ARENT doing until we have a house and a huge backyard!! oh also, no job so I can make sure that nothing else gets eaten; money - incase it does and time to make sure that the puppy gets plenty of walks, runs and love and attention from all of us!

I have been reading a lot as of late about great new restaurants in NYC! There are SO many opening up! I thought we were in a recession? It seems that the trend for 09 is comfort food a la Waverly Inn mixed with a retro feel from "re-opening" a quaint speak-easy and adding in some heavy hitters....I have also updated my list of places that I want to eat before I die..

A Bucketlist of Dining if you will....

French Laundry El Buli Gary Danko Spruce Per Se Scarpetta Il Mulino Locanda Verde Marea NYC Gramercy Tavern/Eleven Madison Park for sure!! Spoon Alinea L20 Tru Blackbird Hungry Mother Sibling Rivralry Morimoto Corton

the list will go on and on and on....but serisously, I have got to start travelling more!!! There is a world of yum yum out there and I must see it! Of course there are places that I have never heard of in Rome or Greece; however, I just want to GO and experience it. I have started a little savings (if you will) of change that I find or whatever, and that is my "Get in My Belly Fund" for hubby and my 10 year wedding anniversary which is in 2.5 years. I would love to do something great and crazy like go to El Buli in Roses Spain and try anything like this...

I couldn't believe just how happy this guy was/is to dine at the worlds best restaurant!!! He friggen got to meet Ferrin Adria - a dream of mine for sure! He could break a loaf of bread to feed a million people and we would likely have an experience similar to Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory....the food would keep on coming with just one bite!

I hope you like this site! Really, the experience that you would have at this restaurant would far surpass anything I could ever dream of or hope for and the way he did this post/blog...Sheer genius!!!

Anyhow,it is now that time where I have to bid you all farewell. I hope you have a great Tuesday...and for my follow up with daily affirmations...

Live "Dance as though no one is watching you. Love as though you have never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth."