Fairy Godmother meet my Inner Oracle

I can't help but wonder what these Roman women did years and years ago...how did they know the "in"fashion...who was it who designed the white sheet with golden strappies....the hair the accessories...did they know that they would still be timeless classics?

After watching 300, Hannah Montana - The Movie and a few other flicks over the past couple of days (as I am sickie poo) I have seen these threads in each movie become entwined. Gorgeous ladies, amazing fashion sense and totally unrealistic for the average mother of 3! Where is my fairy godmother already!!! I have a pumpkin in my backyard!! I have 3 kids you can turn into horses!!!
I have been frustrated for most of my life because I have no style. I want to...I try to....and sometimes I have moments of fashion clarity -but I don't have that "thing"!!! I want to be the person who has the trendy boots over her great jeans, with a sweater shirt layering thing with a fur lined vest and amazing bag...this is what I think would represent me best ---yet for some reason, I can't ever find what I am looking for. Not only that, I don't think I have the confidence to venture out there and try new things. I have to admit, that I think I used to have style...but somewhere from the time I pushed out my kids to know, the 2 genes that I had have been sucked away with my wait line, firm breasts and small ass!
I have a few friends that I adore for their fashion sense. Sarah is the Zooey Dechemal in my life. She is into indie bands, vintage movies and can decorate like a mo'fo! She also has the Winona Ryder meets Reece Witherspoon vintage flair in her clothing. She always finds great buys, and can wear anything!!!
There is Seistor!! My little bitch-face sister who is stunning....really stunning see... she really can wear anything too. She is also crafty; she made a purse out of an old silky scarf and 2 belts... I think that she has made her own style out of what she's got...she can dress it up and be classy and be completely comfortable too. This is the way I think I could do it minus the fact that I have no idea on how to go about it...
Lastly, my trendy friendy Tessa. She is a personal shopper - so I know she can do it!! She also loves to push barriers of fashion, and always has a new fun accessory or way to wear something. Now, Tessa is also a girl who can shop. She has come with me and the kids and helped me buy dresses and stuff and I love that she is honest and sincere when doing this. I think it would be way better if the kids weren't with us because then we could also take part in wine and giggles. I think I would also have had more patience to do this...
Anyhow, so with these three chicas I am going to be asking them for style advise and will be making over my wardrobe piece by piece. I think that as I am shedding my "winter coat" that maybe it's about time to ditch the maternity clothes that still haunt my every day clothes. Ya I said it...I haven't been pregnant for 2.5 years and I still have sweaters, jeans and gitch that are maternal. This could have something to do with the lack of confidence...ok, maybe a lot..but I am getting better!!!
I am hoping to channel my inner oracle to find my style. I want to learn to embrace my bootie and caress my curves and luvs myself more...I am on a mission. I was told by my big sistah that the best way to luvs yourself is to get all silky smooth, waxed, tweezed, hair did and everything..get dressed in your best outfit and then take that feeling and hold onto it. You know that feeling when you put on a new bra and undie set? Something really sexy like lace or whatever...and you put it on and no matter what you have over top...you feel amazing!!! Well that's the feeling that you hold on to. Rather than buying a new bra and panty set for every day of my life...I am going to learn how to keep that feeling every day (and maybe will just buy a new set every week or so).
I hate to say it, but Dan is sooo stylie. He just gets it! For whatever reason, he can pull off the rockabillie/punk thing with ease and it drives me crazy. His favorite items to wear are his DC jeans, his etnies (white kicks), his grey hat and a TShirt. This is combined with whatever sweater or hoodie he has over top. He has a great eye for great finds and also has expensive taste! I have asked him time and time again for his help shopping and he doesn't get it. He doesn't think that he has style (or so he says) and he doesn't understand how it is soooo incredibly difficult for me to do this. The best thing that he says is that it doesn't matter what you wear, it's how you feel that makes you "sexy". I think that this is the key...
Now I enter the mall to shop
I pray that I can get through these stores before I flop;
If I should die before I'm I pray through
I pray that I'll find some really great shoes.
Love my curves and the junk in my trunk.
To all those haters, I just don't give a funk!
mmm....it's feeling like dinner time!!
My favorite dish to make is pasta..it's so simple and everyone loves it! The other reason why it's my favorite is because it goes great with wine!! Dan got a great bottle of Chianti from a guy at work...I figure it's a sign! Let's make a great pasta and drink the wine!!!
Pasta for me is the same as how I like my pizza. Simple! No fuss!! I take garlic, red onion, tomatoes, olive oil, salt, pepper, spinach and asparagus..maybe a little bit more wine!
Start by putting your skillet pan on medium-high heat and add your chopped garlic and diced onion and sweat them out in the pan with about 3 tblsp of Rachael Ray..sweat it out!! sweat it out!! sweat it out!! (yes, I'm dancing while doing this)
You'll want to get your water boiling for your pasta around this time...you may want to pour yourself a glass of wine to get you through the prep too! It tends to help get the time pass bye. For a pasta selection, I love to use penne rigata (in Italian pen-eh rrrrri-ga-the (rrr-roll your r)) because the tunnels and groves of the noodle grabs the flavours and oil. It also reminds me of my grandma! She loved penne! Anyhow, take another sip and let's get goin!! Once you add the penne to the boiling water, YOU MUST ADD SALT to the water...this will salt the pasta just right. I like to add table salt and maybe like a table spoon for a full pot.
Next you want to add your asparagus that has been chopped, tomatoes and season them with S&P...this is pretty simple...you're gonna want to make sure that your garlic doesn't burn. Check your pasta now and if it's past al dente, then you are good to go! Before you strain your noodles, take a ladel or two full of the water and put it in your pan with the asparagus, tomatoes, garlic and everything. The starch from the noodles gets into the water and it will thicken up your sauce for your pasta. Then you can strain your noodles.
In the final stages of your pasta you're gonna add your noodles to your tomatoes, asparagus, garlic and oil and add a couple hand fulls of spinach. Fold your pasta over everything and keep it on the heat for just a few more minutes adding a finishing touch of salt and pepper.
Voila..you have a simple yet healthy pasta that you and anyone who is over can enjoy! The best part of it...you still have 3 glasses of wine left over to enjoy while you savour your meal!!

Anyhow kids, I am going to go pass out. My prescription has kicked in, and I am getting a little woozey! Hope you had fun and if you have any great fashion finds or anything let me know!! I'll leave you with the random question of the day:

If you were a sandwhich, what kind would you be?