Resussitation a Success ccccsssshhhh Over

I think that I am in shock!!!

Someone get the garlic out and waft in near my nose...wait, better use something stronger. Get the bottle of Gin out of the holy double-doored cupboard and open it. She'll be fine, just "hold on insatiablehost, hold on!"
I dont know if I am dreaming or not, but I think it's reality. I have recieved comments from readers!! Not only readers, but Julie who writes about things I can only dream of like organization and being creative in 'da momma'hood! I also got a comment from THE EX HOT GIRL! I am at a loss for her listing insatiablehost and many other of her worshipers (it's not even could be slightly less than stalking...followers for sure though)who actually have thanked the girl for a great read. She is Mikey in the corner for Rocky to so many - and I mean I haven't talked to any of her readers, but when you look through her blog and you find that her readers are right there with her feeling the same thing and going through the same's pretty effin cool to see a great response. I too thank you EHG! Today, another whirlwind! I seriously thought it was still 6 am and I was just getting out of my bed. Wakeup, kids ready, drive to day care, get COFFEE injection, go to work, leave work, get kids from school, get dood from daycare....and now, it's 10 pm and I just got home like an hour ago! I did happen to not prepare food with my kids tonight though! I know...just when you thought that home cooked was how I was going tonight...I totally psyched you out! The kids wanted to go see their grandparents Mima and I ordered from the Devil and got 1 medium extra cheese pizza with deep dish crust; 1 medium thin Canadian topping (for all you USAers that is Pepperoni, Ham/Bacon and Muchrooms) and CHEESE Bread. I will never lie to you in bloggy land - I had a piece of cheesy bread and it was orgasmic. Not to say that my orgasms are equal to cheese bread, but really I haven't actually had pizza like food for about a month which for me is like a crackhead not having a fix every 2 hours. We have a great visit with them, I had a glass of Portuguese Wine with Pops ...I can't recall the name of it though..not because I had too many, but because I really suck at speaking Portuguese and if I could record myself trying to speak it you would seriously rething my writing ability too! So visit is over, as the girl critters have school tomorrow and the boy critter is passing out in Mima's arms... I came home, flopped all but 1 kids on their beds and came downstairs to my computer to give it to the keys....I for some reason go to my facebook first as I sometimes feel that it is my connection to the outside world and I talk to my seestor (you'll learn about her in due time) and then my neice who is watching my kiddies on Saturday when MOMMA GOES OUT TO PLAY..and then I came here. I entered into the ZONE (can you hear the echoing in the background? Its a way cool feature that I have created on blogland and I think it's really catching it's following) So the box that the 'za is in is actually eyeing me up and down. It may be checking out my rack as I am in a tanktop -but for the most part it's screaming "Just eat me god damit!!" I had a piece in my hand and I did put it down. I started to eat another baby carrot when my Dashboard or homie page popped up that informed me that I have 2 comments!!
insert choking on a carrot ....HERE!!
I am just in awe!! Julie, thank you for being my first and I love your info too!! I am likely going to stay up well past when I should and finish your latest post!! EHG, I just read your post about Dan and his night anticks, and girl we have to talk!!
My hubby Dan sleep walks and sleep eats. The worst thing that ever happened was that while I was pregnant with our first critter, I couldn't sleep well for some reason..anyhoo I go downstairs to find Dan, my husband the CHEF, cooking soup at 4 am! The only thing is that he was cooking the soup in the can in the pot...Um.. ya! That's right folks...the friggen soup was in the can still sealed and he had it on the element on the stove cooking on HIGH...I calmly go over to him and say "chef! I'll take over on the line, why don't you get some sleep!" and he went back to bed.
Continually I am entertained with either waking up to him standing in the dark; facing our wall; flicking the fucking light switch off and on non stop; or little conversations he has; or the food!! My gosh this man can pack it away!! And instead of him getting a little's still me who gains it! No friggen fair! I know he totally can't help it, and medically, it's dangerous to wake him when he does these sort of things because he actually could go into shock or something...but I can't tell you how bizzare things get!
Dan (my Dan) if you are reading this, I am totally in love with your insanity! If not for you entertaining me daily with how amazing you are as a father, friend or luver; but for your insatiable, oh ya, and also becuz you put up my me and my insanity!!! *hugs*
For anyone else who understands the "Sleep eat-everything-you-touch" syndrome...let me know your worst story...I know that my bestie's ex ended up pissing in a drawer of lingerie after a night of boozing; however, I dont know if that was sleepwalking or just being a jackass and drunk.
happy evening to all and to all a GREAT NIGHT!!!


Jennifer Brindley said...

Okay, we need to stop complimenting each other because it'll become a ridic game of "No, YOU'RE THE BEST!"

[[Why don't you live in Milwaukee again? We'd totes be BFF. And I never use the word "totes" OR "BFF" so that just shows how much I heart you.]]

And girl, the can in the pot make me laugh out loud SO loud I think I scared both of my cats and Dan sitting on the couch next to me. I'm gonna go check for scared cat poop now.

~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

stacey said...

Hey there,

I found your blog through Ex Hot Girl (hmmm that seems to be how I find lots of funny, interesting bloggers!) and your story about your hubby sleepwalking is hysterical. All I can say is thank God I don't EAT in my sleep. Whew.