Hey Gredon...who's mac n cheese is da BOMB!!! THIS GUYS!!!!!

So a few days back I told you about how excited I was to make homemade Mac N Cheese!!!! Well, I am pleased as pie to tell you it was

As some of you know, I am a dining specialist at my job and I tend to deal with New York a lot. Most of my passion comes from food and wine, and wine and food....so for me to experience what I work with on a daily basis is a treat.
As I have not been to many of the restaurants that I lust about I want to try to prepare the dishes that I would order from them. A little redick I know, but, why not eat great and drink fine wine????? So Sunday's goal Mac n Cheese a la Waverly Inn.
What you'll need:
Tubettie (pasta -anything that is tubular and hearty)
Sharp old Cheddar Cheese 2 cups -shredded
Asiago Cheese 2 cups - shredded
Stilton Cheese 2 cups - crumbled
Truffle Oil 1-tsp
(Shaved Black/White Truffles- if you can afford them -if not you can buy shavings for special occasions)
1 can of diced tomatoes - I prefer Roma as they add a great flavour but you have to season them first and sautee them a bit to cook out the "raw" flavour. I like to use a small pan and sweat them out with garlic and red onion that has been finely diced.
Salt and Pepper
EVOO (again Rachel may come to dinner... you always have to be prepared!!)
So what you do is prepare your pasta to al dente (not cooked the whole way through). At the same time you want to pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees. You will want to lightly oil your casserole dish, and then get ready to cheese it up!
The first thing you want to do it toss your pasta in the truffle oil to coat it and get that great aroma in your nose!! I swear I could drink this stuff!
Add your pasta and cheese alternating layers of each to get a great mix of flavours.
Put tin foil over the top and bake in your oven for a good 20-25 minutes (depending on how much you are making)
Change your oven setting to "Broil"and let the top get delicious and golden!!
I like to always let it sit for a few before I eat it not only to save my lips and mouth from being burnt to shit, but also to let the cheese settle.
While I was fantasizing about wearing Manolo Blahnik's and a great Vera Wang simple black dress, I also had a chance to decant a great bottle of AMARONE!!!! We were seducing an 03 Bertoli Amarone - velvety, smooth and full of tobacco, cloves and smoke! My god it was amazing..while being a brutal prude. You see, remember when I was telling you about how excited I get for the first glass of wine???Well when its something this great and you have to wait...it's def. not cool! So...what does the insatiable host do when faced with such a predicament????
She makes Martini's too!!!!!!!
Dan and I had a great time shaking, sipping and smooching! I love days like this when after a long days work I can come home and enjoy some time in the kitchen with my family! So the wine is decanting, the martinis are in hand and the truffle magic is almost done....
I wanted to have something light and delish for greens to we just diced up some fennel and covered it with Rachael Ray and S&P. Simple, light and delish!! Actually, the fennel with the bitterness of the cheese balanced great with the hint of truffles and the truffles worked amazing with the wine....I'm not even gonna tell you about the 1lb brownies from Longos that we had for dessert!!! Why am I not going to tell you??? Because I ate 1 whole entire brownie to myself!!
What do you do??? Guilty pleasures in life is what it's all about! Anyhow, again, as soon as the techie gods smack me in the head with the gift of the motherboard I will get all the pics up so you understand the ridiculousness we enjoyed!!!
So I look forward to fresh pasta tomorrow with winter vegetables, garlic bread and Caesar salad with pancetta and then who knows? What are your favorite restaurants and recipes??? Challenge me, I would love to cook your favorite meals too! BRING IT ON!
Until the next time we wine and dine
-- insatiable host


Julie said...

Oh my God you are making me so hungry. I love homemade mac and cheese, but this sounds like a trip to the Motherland. Yum.

By the by, I'm always shocked by how many people actually remember actual scenes from Little House on the Prairie. It was a cultural phenom! Have a great day Danon.
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