L is for the way you Look at ME!

What's up peeps! It's been a couple days and I was beginning to feel that gravitational pull....you know that feeling when you could literally just go sleep off every hour of your day??? Whew, thank fuck I'm back...in truth, I think it was seeing my sister that has made me feel me again... all it took was a little sass and class! SOOOOOO, lastnight I went with my mother to get her from the airport and was GOBSHOCKED that my father attended the arrival also. Not only that..he also was civil with my mom...ok, so there is really no reason why this should be a shock; however, they haven't been civil to oneanother for 15 years and 3 days...it is technically 4; however, I made them sign a document at my wedding to behave...anyhow, so my father tells me that he wouldn't be a proper person; the type of person he has raised us to be if he couldn't forgive my mom and move on... "how can I ever expect to be forgiven for the mistakes I made; when I can't forgive her" was how it went...and there it was...I was totally gapped-mouth and silent. This is a first for me..the silence...but also, I am SO proud of my father. This isn't to say that my mother was horrible or did anything; as she did not. But life isn't fairy tales and melodies and sometimes people do fall out of love...right! This is what happened to my parents and my father carried around a lot of resentment and hatred for many years. That's got to feel like he delivered a baby or tiny elephant! Can you imagine having the weigt lifted off you??? 15 years = 30 lbs in my life...and DAMN I would feel FAN-fuckin-TASTIC if that happened! Truth be known, it has also inspired me...leave it to my father to make a conscience decision to better himself and improve the quality of his life and enjoyment but setting an example for his children...but..then again, that's my dad. I too want to come to terms with who I am and how I present myself...for the past 3 days I have actually dressed up, worn heels, make-up/hair done...I always feel amazing but then there is the day that is dull and gloomy that begs me to pour myself into my jeans with a plain white tee and comfywool sweater over top and put on sum slouchy boots....see you're comfy too right? I have decided that I need to shop for theraputic reasons. I need to bulk up the wardrobe because I only have 3 days worth of dressy clothes and only 1 pair of heels that arent white and 1 pair of wedges. Sassy siestor just went shopping and bought Fabulous boots that I think I could rock with a pair of fitted jeans and top and she also has this KILLER biker jacket - soft brushed leather, brown, NICE!! I totally want it! Anyhow, I tried on her jacket and it was a SIZE SMALL!!!! Ya I totally said it...and Iput it on and it fit!!!I SAID THAT TOO...not only that I usually cry and hate everything when I try to do up the jacket because I have gigantic jugs. They never fit right in shirts and I have never been able to do up a jacket....until today. Perhaps this was a dream and I do know that when I zipped it up, my cheast was squished...a lot...but the point is..I have been diluted!! I could actually do this! I think that I am ready to go out there and shop my gettin-tiny ass out there and buy some sexy clothes!!! I think that since my sister has come home and revived the one fun and sassy bitch back into me and my father has set the bar high with self acceptance and release of whatever ales ya....that this is what I needed!! I am also making goals for the house...I will paint the living room, hallways and stairs ASAP!!! Maybe this weekend actually..my bedroom and lastly the kitchen. And with help of my mother (who could decorate a cell to make Martha comfy) we have selected the palates. Hmmmm...I should also go to the garden center and look for one of those pretty trees...you know, the ones that have that rare flower...um...Oh ya!! Money Tree..because I have no clue how I am going to afford to buy myself some new duds AND decorate my house!! I know that there are a lot of options out there for thrift and I WILL find them..oh yes, I will; however, I also want to live in the moment and revel in the thought that I am getting smaller, and startin to look pretty friggen great...and not only that..I am liking myself!! I don't love my ass yet, and I know that Iam not even close to where I need to be - but..it's the motivation I need to kick my ass daily to keep at it!! WOW...I feel great..aside from my toes being tingly! No clue what it going on with that... Anyhow, more info...So tonight is Hubby McHub's big night at the restaurant, and I couldn't go (sorry babe...if you didn't knock me up 3 times in a row, I would have been there with bells on) as I had no sitter. Anhow, so it was "An Evening in Portugal" at his restaurant and I wanted to share with you the menu he created and the Wine Pairings that I paired...I am really proud of him for this, and I can't wait to see the images of the food...it'll be spectacular!!!

1st Course – Sopa (Soup) Caldo Verde Suggested Wine Pairing: Vinho Verde (non-vintage)
2nd Course Marisco (Shellfish) Camarao and Lulas Recheadas White Wine Poached Shrimp and Stuffed Calamari (filled with rice and linguesa sausage) Suggested Wine Pairing: Adega Coop Ponte da Barca Vinho Verde Rose 2007
3rd Course Aperitivos (Appetizer) Ervilhas A Portugesa Braised Sweet Peas in a tomato Brodo (broth) with Chorizo Sausage, and Topped with Poached egg served with olive oil toast Suggested Wine Pairing: Alfaraz Reserva 2004
4th Course Peixe (Fish) Sardinha assada Grilhado Lemon and Parsley Grilled Sardines topped with a Parsley Salsa Verde with pimenta Suggested Pairing: Beer: Sagres Wine: Calcos do Tanha Reserva 2005
5th Course Peixe (Fish) Bacalhau Terrine of Salted Cod with Black Olives, Onion, Peppers, Boiled Egg and potatoes topped with a black olive tapenade oil Suggested Wine Pairing: Quinta da Romaneira (Q do Romaneira) 2004
6th Course Carnes (Meat) Bitoque 6oz Grilled Top Sirloin, Topped with Fried Egg Suggested Wine Pairing: Quinta da Romaneira (Q do Romaneira) 2004

Anyhow, I hope you all are rockin with your stockins!! Oh, and for my friends who are shedding their winter fur....rather than tempt you with sweets and delights...I'll send my kids to you instead...they are charming, and it's really the gift that keeps on giving!! see here...


Julie said...

OMG!!! This is one of two You Tube vids I was going to post for Whoreticulture Friday this week! Isn't it absolutely fucking hilarious?!?! Love Euro-mercials. (And congrats to Dad, too. Way to shed that monkey.)

Tuesdai said...

I found your blog thru Rat's blogpost. Reading your blog is like a "breath of fresh air"...down-to-earth, simple fun and things to relate to. I can relate to this story in some way. oh and LOL @ this youtube clip.