Jesus is watching you....steal....

Happy Friday Freaks!!!!

I can't tell you just how much I have laughed today until I share with you the subject to which my belly aches! I go into work today and one of my colleagues DtotheItotheVtotheEtotheR emails me this forward...(for any of you who know me -know that I DtotheEtotheLtotheETE these things! If I dont pass this to 20 friends in the next mila-second I will disintegrate into thin air..whatever!!) Anyhow, but she tells me to read it and promises that I may leak a little pee...I JUMPED ON IT naturally because any excuse to pee in public, I am all over it!! (not really, I swear; I dont think I have ever squatted honestly!) Anyhow, so it's about people at the work place who steal other peoples lunch. I shit you not this is the funniest thing ever!!!
Sorry Dave, but you were kinda asking for this one!!
Dave's do RULE!!!!!
I am sorry to all you vegan's out there..but this is pretty hilarious....Soyfucker????!!!! and Bacon is life - well my life; or part of my life..maybe fairly put an extension of m life!!
This one just sums up my life and workplace in general! It also sadly reminds me of home....but really, what are you thinking...I just need a bite of chocolate..."oooh cupcake genie thank you for thinking of me?"
I honestly dont know why this shocks me but to steal some one's lunch or goods is just me greedy, but I don't have the balls to pull off something like this at all! I can even remember when I was 12 years old my father went to steal the last bite of my steak on my plate and I went to jab with my fork and I stabbed his little sausage fingers!! Not only should you know to never take my steak or anything off my plate, I have this weird thing that I can't feel the pain that I am inflicting on if I bite my hand I know it hurts, but if I bite yours, I wouldn't think it hurt at all...even though I know it totally would! weird and oddly fascinating I know...
Has anyone ever stolen your food??? Did you stab them with your fork or have a blissful revenge??? Are you one of those food thieves....I really want to know what motivates you...what is the modus operandi????


Julie said...

Those are hysterical. You can never go wrong bringing Jesus into the mix. And soyfucker? That's just brilliant.