Bliggity Bloggity Boo!

Sala madula mitchi kabula bliggity bloggity boo Put em together and what do you got? Bliggity Bloggity Boo! Ok, so where the eff is my fairy god mother???I have cleaned the ashes, done the tapestries, washed the floors, did the laundry and am still waiting for a mystical pumpkin to turn into my chariot and take me away from here! I cant say how I would really love if this actually were the case. If the sugar daddy wait list actually cashed in or if my red ruby shoes worked -but so far I have tried it all and still nothing!!! 3 kids, 6 years of marriage, 2 much stress and1 hell of an insatiable appetite is the sum of my life. Although I am insanely happy about the critters, hubby, and job I do feel as if there is some sort of hex or "I'm a victim of voodoo" going on. If any of you have a voodoodoll of me - 1. what the hell did I do to you? 2. please stop!!! So far this year, the only luck that I have had is bad... we have gone through a lot of shizzle since January and it seems as if it's not stopping. Case in point - today FLAT FRIGGEN TIRE

  • Car Accidents x 2 1 in may we were rear ended and 1 Dan was in a bad wreck
  • Blown Tires/Things in Tires -to date (we are at tire number 6) no lies..I can't begin to tell you how pissed/humiliated I was today. I leave work and find that wobbling/floppy noise following me. I stop the car and have a FLAT..(insert hands pulling hair out here) then my two friends who saw me gave me encouragement and asked if i was ok (this is talking me off the ledge Holly - close enough?) I didn't even have a loonie on me to get air. YES FOLKS air costs .50 -1.00 these days...dont get me to start
  • occupational reorganization -for the better - Dan is way better suited at his new restaurant; however, him being off work fora while - too much
  • Car breaking down
  • Dan driving his moms car and the wheel fell of - well the axle broke..either way not cool

and more..what can I say...too much for my tolerance. I am actually in the midst of making my goals for 2010. I will be turning 30 and want to be fabulouso! I want to be comfortable with who I am, do fun things, explore more and eat great (yet mildly healthy) food. What's more,is that I want to be able to wake up daily and love my day not matter what! I have learned few things from TV shows that have helped me through each day but a particular 90210(ORIGINAL Cast) Brenda helps Brandon at the Peach Pit and she can't hack it. So Laverne (La-voyne) awakes. You gotta "fake it till ya make it"

After all the skeptical thoughts that I encounter on a daily basis, I keep trying to stay focused on not letting me get "down" but its honour of Brenda, Laverne, The Peach Pit and the Shyte Day I have had tonight's dinner ...(I just ate my feelings and I am full!)

The feast begins with crispy wontons with crab and cream cheese stuffed in them and ends with homemade stir fry with chicken and shrimp.

Stuffed Wontons

You will need to get a pack of wonton wrappers. To use them you have to keep them as dry as possible. Use one square at a time, and use a dollop of dip. Wet the edges with water and fold into a triangle. You will then take the two corners and join them together.

Skillet with oil or deep fryer

Crab meat (artificial)

Cream cheese (whipped)

Stuffing: Add cream cheese and crab together, salt, pepper, Rachael Ray together and mix. Other flavours that compliment are hot peppers, chili powder or garlic. Get your oil going on medium heat (over the stove) or in your deep fryer, to the "Fry temperature" around 350 ish - you don't want your oil to burn or your food. Then place a few in the oil (to cover) and cook until golden brown.

I love to serve them with a Thai Chili Sauce!

The Stir fry was a combination of again - everything in my fridge.

10 shrimp 1 left over chicken breast Bok Choy Carrots Red and Yellow Peppers Watercres Mushroom (any kind you have) Zucchini (green and yellow) Snow peas I take soya sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil (1/2 tbsp at a time and to taste) and I get all the veggies nice and tender. I also use a crapload of garlic and red onion to get the flavours all tasty. As always, I cook the carrots, peppers, snow peas and zucchini first with the garlic and onion. This way I am not over cooking the veggies. Then I add the other stuffy...bok choy, mushrooms etc. In my George Foreman I have the chicken reheating and I have lightly seasoned again with S&P and Rachael Ray to freshen the flavour. The shrimp that was left over, I took the shells off and added them in the veggies. I also took out 3 cubes of chicken stock to add into the veggies so they weren't too dry. In my stock pot I have salted water boiling so I could get the chow mien noodles going. I find that Asian noodles aren't as starchy as traditional pasta so you don't have to cook it too long. Anyhow, so water boils, I add the noodles, and salt the water. I put the sauce together with the veggies and let them dance with each other for a while. As soon as the noodles are done, I take a ladle and half of the water out and put in the stir fry(so the sauce is silky and not sticky). I strain the noodles and add them to the party in the skillet and add the poulet and shrimp. I gently fold the layers of flavour together and all I can smell is fresh and great! Again, drooling. After everything is together, I plate it and add a light dusting of 5-Spice to the tops of each portion and in mine I add the Chinese Chili's for some heat. Tonight is the end of an extremely long week both personally and work-wise, so Asahi is whats being served. I LOVE Japanese Beer, and as far as quenching thirst and matching my meal it's got to be the best pairing. It's like stout with chocolate; apple pie and ice cream; coffee with bailey's or chocolate chip cookies with milk! I hope that tomorrow is a great day! If not, then I'll put the smile on my face and serve up some Peach Pie, Cherry Pie and Suga Pie!

until then