ExHotGirl are you Hailey Mills twin?

So we all know that I can't help but be insatiable about ExHotGirls blog. I'm literally coo coo for cocoa puffs over the reads... She is witty, hilarious, and CrAzY!!!! I know it's cheesy and odd, but there are many similarities..maybe because she is just a girl who bares it all and can let it out...maybe because she doesn't hide behind anything or maybe because she is my "twin" like in Parent Trap..I don't know...EHG is your name Hailey Mills? I don't know what more I can say about how great her blog is..I mean, she writes about her pursuit of weight loss, randomness, embarrassing moments, photography and doesn't miss a beat. Her photography is like nothing I have seen before...and I have several talented amigos who are photographers. http://www.marypics.com/ and http://www.jamesmcmahonphotography.co.uk/. Even when I look at EHG's images, there is something else that is captured. Perhaps her own quest for getting back to her "ideal" self allows her to see her subject's "ideal" self...hmm...maybe that is also why we all crave her blog...I just had an epiphany!! She shared some "linklove" today and I am thankful, grateful and humbled...not only because of that, but because the girl is great!! She supports a lot of sites, gives props a tonne and more! Anyhow, so I guess in bloggy wonderland it's give love to some great reads...aside from ExHotGirl and A Day in the Wife (another hoot to read - especially because Julie is a mother of 3 and knows about the drama associated with American Girls, Princess freak outs and being swarmed by mothers with motivation and a genuine adrenaline rush for working out; while just wanting to be at home watching re-runs of fantastic 80s TV shows LHotP) I don't have a lot of other resources...so I am going to modify this... I want to know some great reads! I want to learn about how to search for more and also laugh until my stomach looks like Kate Beckensdale's on the cover of this months esquire mag...and my ass, and my hair...I like my face, so I'll stop there...but I would take her accent! Let me know who you love, why and any quick blurb about them!! I love to read so..let me have them!!! I am starting with.....YOU!

Be insatiable...be happy and read the written words of your peers...they will either make you cry or pee your pants!!! (follow the link..you'll see why!) http://exhotgirl.blogspot.com/2009/10/tmi-thursday-i-peed-in-my-pants.html


Jennifer Brindley said...

/sigh... I love you, but you already know that. Grrrrrowl! :)

Julie said...

Okay, me too. Is this now a threesome?

First, thanks for the props, you are so sweet I could sop you up with a biscuit.

Second, have you read TheBloggess.com? I got it from Jen's site, and I am dying, she is so funny. Love the Hitler post the other day, and the link to the Creepiest Doll Commercial. But I too, want to find some other funny writing, and I don't know how to surf Blogger for that. Hmmm.