Stuffing the Ying Yang

GILT!!!! Gawd I Love Turkey!!!! It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and I can't wait to over indulge in turkey and the fixins. I can't say that I wont feel guilty afterward or that I wont swear off bad food after all is said and done; however, I really am getting exited! I love the get together with my hubbies family today because everyone comes, we all have a great dinner, talk over wine, laugh over his vovo's crab dish and giggle while eating a tonne of shrimp. The evening winds down in true Portuguese fashion with seafood, coffee, dessert and brandy. Although you will rarely find me pass on bevies; you may see me squint and decline brandy (me no likey the boozie boozie feeling). Its worse than the burn that nail polish remover leaves in your throat! I do however, love to overcompensate for that loss with baileys!! After the 7 deadly sins are savoured the games, monopoly, scatagories, catch doesn't matter!! We all gather round the table and laugh with eachother. I can't wait...I am sooo friggen excited! I'll post pictures tonight when I come home - perhaps in the morning in case I have a buzz...(most likely) Happy Gobble Gobble To All And a Tryptophan Induced Sleep Tonight!! insatiablehost